The Future of The GVTC Foundation's Scholarship Program

College StudentThe GVTC Foundation Board voted to increase the Ritchie T. Sorrells Scholarship from $20,000 to $25,000. The Ola Armstrong Scholarship is now $15,000, and the Technical Scholarship will remain at $5,000.

As in previous years, one senior high school student who exhibits outstanding leadership qualities and has used innovation or technology to positively impact our community will receive the $25,000 Ritchie T. Sorrells Leadership Scholarship. The $15,000 scholarship will be awarded to a college-bound graduate exemplifying extraordinary service, volunteer work, and involvement in their local community with the Ola Armstrong Scholarship. GVTC will also continue to offer one vocational scholarship worth $5,000 for students that are interested in attending a technical college to help enhance their communities and support themselves.

Your donations, whether it be time or money, are very valuable to what we do for our community and they do not go unnoticed. We are so grateful to our customers for their participation in the Foundation and want to take the time to say thank you!

Since 2006, The GVTC Foundation has given back over $4.5 million by investing in those around us. From scholarships to grants, to our most significant project, Thanksgiving Giveback. Last year, we donated 427 meals and our goal this year is to donate 450 meals! We believe in the power of working together to improve our communities, that is why our #GVTCTeam donates monthly to the Foundation.

GVTC and The GVTC Foundation are dedicated to building a stronger, better community in our neighborhoods, from the technology connecting homes to the initiatives connecting people. Thank you for your contributions, we could not do what we do for the community without you all!

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