Tips to help extend the battery life on your new Arlo security camera

Arlo_Pro-4_Hero_150Is there anything more annoying than having to repeatedly change your security camera’s battery? Not only does a dead battery create a lapse in your security, but security cameras aren’t always the easiest to get to. Tucked high up, near your roof often, in multiple places around your home, changing your security camera’s batteries usually means pulling out a ladder and climbing up into weird, inconvenient, hard-to-reach areas. 

If you want to avoid the hassle of changing your Arlo security camera batteries any more than you need to, you should check out our list of tips and tricks to help extend its battery life. 

3 reasons why your batteries die so fast

Before we get into how you can extend your Arlo camera batteries, it’s helpful to understand why your batteries may be draining faster than expected. 

  1. An unexpected uptick in motion detection events and recordings. If your Arlo battery is suddenly draining quicker than usual, take a look at your video library. Have the number of video recordings increased? If your motion detection is being triggered often, causing back-to-back recordings, an insect may be to blame. Spider webs on the lens can sometimes trigger your motion detector, causing videos to record continuously and thus draining your battery. 

  2. Your WiFi signal just isn’t strong enough. On your Arlo app home screen, check your WiFi signal's strength. A weak WiFi signal will require more power and drains the battery quicker. 

  3. It’s way too cold! If temperatures are dropping below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it could be causing permanent damage to your Arlo batteries. Also, when temperatures drop before freezing, your Arlo battery won’t charge, even if your camera is plugged in.

How to make your Arlo batteries last longer

Now that you understand some common issues that may cause your batteries to drain faster than usual, here are some tips and tricks to help you extend the life of your Arlo batteries.

  • Chose the right power setting
    A quick and easy way to extend the life of your Arlo camera battery is to change your camera’s power settings. Choosing either the Optimized setting, which will balance video quality and battery life, or the Best Battery Life setting, which will possibly reduce video quality, can help reduce the unnecessary drain on your batteries. 

  • Record shorter videos
    Another easy way to keep your Arlo camera batteries running longer is by reducing the length of recordings when motion is detected. Shorter video clips will help conserve battery power. 

  • Point your camera the right way
    Arlo motion detection will turn your camera on every time it senses motion. That means if your camera is facing a busy street, it will turn on every time a car passes. If possible, adjust your camera's field of view away from busy areas and only focus on important areas around your home.  You can also reduce unwanted notifications by highlighting areas of your property where you want motion to be detected.

  • Keep your camera out of the dark
    Although Arlo’s infrared sensors are useful for night shots, it’s important to place your camera in an area that gets enough light. Placing your camera in a darker area can cause your camera to use its infrared more often and thus drain the battery quicker. 

  • Rechargeable batteries
    Now, this won’t necessarily help extend the life of your Arlo batteries, but it will definitely save you money. Rather than having to buy new batteries every time your Arlo batteries die, invest in some rechargeable batteries (make sure they are compatible with your Arlo camera)  and simply keep those ready and in rotation. 

Consider going solar!

Arlo_Solar Panel_150A great way to keep your batteries charged and ready to go is by using a compatible Arlo Solar Panel! The Arlo Solar Panel Charger keeps your battery charged with direct sunlight. Its weather-resistant design, 8-foot magnetic power cable, and adjustable mount makes installation easy anywhere. Click here to learn more about GVTC’s Arlo Security packages, and be sure to check out the option to add a solar panel. 

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