6 Easy Ways to Create the Creepiest Halloween House with Home Automation

ScaryDays are getting shorter, nights are getting longer. The Halloween season has officially arrived! And if you want to take your Halloween décor to the next level this year, we want to show you how you can do it with home automation.

Yes, a smart home can help you save energy, make your day-to-day life more convenient, and help keep you safe, but it can also be an excellent tool to help you add some extra tricks and treats to your Halloween setup. With the right combination of smart plugs, wireless speakers, smart lighting, and motion sensors, the ways in which you can scare your friends, families, and neighbors is nearly endless. To help get you started here are six easy ways your smart home can be utilized to make your home extra creepy this spooky season.

1. Use a smart plug with your outdoor decorations.

No more rushing home to turn on the decorations or jumping out of bed because you forgot to unplug a socket. Save time and energy by connecting all your outdoor inflatables and lights to a smart plug. Program all your decorations to inflate and illuminate as the sun sets, and then have them shut off before the sun rises.

2. Creepy sounds and music.

Hide wireless speakers around your home, and even in your yard, to play spooky sounds and music throughout the night. From scary movie theme songs to whispers and howling wolves, no matter what you’re into, you can program these sounds to go off at certain times throughout the night or play them on a continuous loop.

3. Set the mood with Halloween lighting.

Gone are the days of needing to buy special colored lightbulbs to change the lights in a room or on your porch. With smart lighting, you can change your lights to any color you want with just the touch of a button.

4. Greet your guests with eerie fog.

Really set the mood for anyone approaching your door with a layer of fog trickling out from the dark. Plug your fog machine into a smart plug and program it to go off whenever a specific motion detector goes off. Use your outdoor cameras, smart sensors, or your video doorbell as the trigger.

5. Bathe guests in blood (lighting).

With the right combination of smart bulbs and motion detectors, you can greet all your guests as they approach your front door by bathing them in blood-red lighting. Depending on your preference you can program the lighting to change back to normal after a set amount of time or once your motion sensors no longer detect movement. You can create this with video camera sensors, smart sensors, or if you have a video doorbell, you can utilize its motion sensors as well.

6. Create a haunted television.

This one may be more of a way to scare your kids or party guests than trick-or-treaters, but did you know you can program your smart TV to change channels? With a smart TV, you can program the channels to randomly change themselves. If you’re a Poltergeist fan, take things up a creepy notch and program your TV to randomly turn to static.

If you want to take your Halloween decorations to the next level this year, but haven’t yet turned your home into a smart home, you should check out GVTC’s connectHome. GVTC’s connectHome is not only a way to keep your home safe, with excellent security and surveillance, but a great way to centralize all of the smart home features you need for an extra spooky Halloween.

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