6 Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

gettyimages3As spring break is approaching, it’s important to make sure your home is protected. Whether you are leaving the country or heading somewhere warm like Maui, HI, or San Diego, CA, making sure your home is taken care of while you are gone is imperative. To help you prepare for your vacation, we reached out to experts for their tips on how to protect your home while on vacation.

Use your smart home to outsmart would-be burglars

Set your smart lights and bulbs to turn on and off at different times – just like when you’re home! And with a smart lock on your door, you’ll have peace of mind that you closed and locked your doors after leaving. -Alex Nette, Hive Systems 

Leave a locked car in the driveway

This is a major deterrent because it makes it look like someone is home. Don’t post on social media that you’re away on vacation. Opt for smart lighting or a timer and schedule lights to come on and off at various times of the day and evening. This next one may seem obvious, but make sure all doors and windows are locked. Many burglars enter through unlocked windows. Preferred First Insurance

Invest in a security system with a mobile app 

Having your security system on your phone is important so you can check in on your house when you’re out of town. With most apps, you can watch security camera feeds, schedule your lights to come on at certain times, or remotely unlock the doors so neighbors can bring in packages. And you’ll get an alert to your phone if your system detects a break-in. –Secure Homes Athens 

Avoid sharing social media posts 

In the age of social media, we are constantly sharing photos and tagging our location in pictures. Avoid sharing social media posts that show when you are away from home. Criminals use this knowledge to their advantage to strike while you are away. –APB Executive Security Services

Install a smart security system 

Installing a smart security system can help ensure your home, loved ones, pets, and packages remain safe while you enjoy your time away from reality. Be worry-free as you relax, knowing your system allows you to lock your doors remotely, monitor and record movement in your home, and even alert you when your children arrive home from school, all from your smartphone. These security systems combine protection, automation, and integration to take away the little fears that bug your mind when you are away from home, giving you the freedom to make the most out of your vacation! –GVTC Communications 

Protect your home from water damage, too

Burglars aren’t the only threat to your home while you are on vacation. Water damage is one of the highest insurance claim categories for homeowners. Before you leave, turn off the water to your refrigerator, dishwasher, ice maker, and washing machine. If you are worried about frozen pipes, turn off your water main.  Even better, invest in a water damage mitigation device like Flo by Moen and your home will be protected. –Mutual Assurance

Originally Published on Redfin

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