8 Staycationing Tips to Feel Like a Real Vacation

According to the US Travel Association, 768 million US paid vacation days were unused in 2018. Up to 31% of these unused vacation days were forfeited.

The cost of planning and funding a vacation, air travel hassles, and heavy workload may be preventing you from getting away.

But, when you’re at that point in your work year where you need to get some vacationing done, then you’ve got to do it. The difference now is, you’ll need a little bit of imagination and a few tools.

So here’s an idea:

You can stay in your home and still have a fun and relaxing vacation. It’s called a staycation, and it requires some finesse to do it well.

This is why you’ll need these eight tips to have an immersive vacation experience without leaving your best safe spot.

CoastalThe Best Staycation Option for You

You can choose to spend your staycation time in any or all of these three ways. It’s your choice; mix things up the way you like them.

1. Do fun things at home.
  • Camp out in your backyard.
  • Watch TV, listen to music, play video games or read a book; cozy on the sofa and feet up on the coffee table.
  • Lay in the sun and occasionally swim in the pool.
  • Cook some fancy dinner, good wine, invite friends over.
2. Visit fun places in your city/state. 3. Go on day trips to other nearby parts of your city.

How To Find Staycation Spots Near You

By now, you’re getting some pretty good ideas of things you want to do on your next staycation. But, if you’ve not got enough events yet to make up your itinerary, here’s a few ways to find more:

Search the internet for events or locations in your city that might interest you.
  • Comedian Sam Morril filmed his Up on the Roof special on rooftop locations around New York City. He created the ultimate staycation event for NYC comedy superfans during the pandemic.
  • You can find similar events on the internet and plan for them, or tour famous and historic locations near you.
What holiday events or activities are available near you at this time?
  • Carnivals, firework shows, Chinese new year displays, Christmas light displays, Barbecues, picnics, or parades.
Ask friends for recommendations.
  • Friends are usually the first go-to guides for deciding on a holiday location. You can also get ideas of staycation events you might be interested in from your friends, family, or colleagues at work.
Make your own.
  • Host a group of friends or just your family in your home or a summer cabin. Plan fishing trips, swimming days at the lake, or beach parties with friends. Invite friends, neighbors, or family over for a cookout.

Possible staycation locations/activities near you:

  • Amusement parks.
  • Nature parks, zoos, camping in the woods.
  • A comedy bar in the town.
  • A museum or art gallery.
  • The movies.
  • Musical concerts and sporting events.
  • Try a new restaurant.
  • Stay a night at a hotel.
  • Shopping trip in the next town.
  • Go fishing or hunting.
  • The square, carnivals, and other holiday activities.

8 Vacation-Level Staycation Tips

Okay, you’ve figured out what to do on your next staycation. Or at least you have some idea of what you might want to do. How then do you make an unforgettable experience out of it?

Tip #1: Start with the right mindset

Think of your staycation as a regular vacation. No cutting the number of days shorter than you would on a traditional vacation. No going about it with little effort or enthusiasm. Expect to achieve as many of your favorite vacation goals in your staycation.

Staycations are way cheaper than full-out vacations but, don’t go too cheap on spending either. Stash a reasonable amount to cover day trips, cookouts, overnight or weekend stays in a good hotel nearby, dinners in a good restaurant, tickets, and gear.

Tip #2: Make a staycation plan

We’ve covered the research part and concluded the hunt for great locations and fun events. Now, you have to plan out the schedule and list the items you need to buy.

Like a travel itinerary for vacations, your staycation can also be organized, well-thought-out, and planned ahead of time—plan for the things you enjoy doing and activities that will help you relax and freshen up. Think of ways to do them from home.

Tip #3: Open up to new experiences

That’s about the entire point of a vacation, isn’t it? What are some of the things you never thought you’d ever have the time for? Now’s the time to start a blog, draw a landscape or paint a portrait, start on a new book, go scuba-diving, or make a music CD.

Fit new activities you’ve never done before into your staycation plan to give yourself and your family an authentic vacation experience.

Tip #4: Kickback a lot and Over-indulge a little bit

You don’t want to overspend, but one or two dinners at a good restaurant, good rich wine, or an elaborate grocery list are excellent. Take some personal time alone, try out a new recipe, or spend time with your partner.

Relax a lot more. Hire a cleaner or a sitter to watch the kids and kickback. Play some video games, binge-watch a few series, or catch up on your favorite TV shows.

Choose a TV service provider that allows you a wide range of program choices.

Tip #5: Something in it for everyone

Vacations are a lot more fun in groups, so bring the whole family along. If you’re part of the 14% of US workers that use their PTOs to take care of their children, why not make a great vacation experience out of it?

Tip #6: Savour, document, and show off the moments

Pictures are a significant part of the vacation experience. Take loads of photos and share them on your social media page to celebrate your fun time. Share Live moments and connect with friends, family, and lovers.

Now that you’re staycationing at home, internet access is within your control.

A good internet service like this GVTC residential premium WiFi package with increased signal strength will keep you connected to friends across more devices. Get it as a new souvenir to always remember your staycation experience.

Tip #7: Keep work away

Unfortunately, some of the reasons why US yearly PTOs go unused are work-related:

Heavy workload (35%), lack of coverage at work (36%), and worry that taking some days off will cast doubts on your dedication (15%).

If you’re going to make effective use of your paid vacation days, the first step would be leaving all forms of your work-life behind at work.

Tip #8: Stay connected

It’s important to stay away from work on your staycation days. But, if it absolutely couldn’t be helped, then you’d need good phone service to keep things moving on while you’re on the go.

Never miss a thing. Get the best internet and phone provider to connect you with friends, family, and work.

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optimized-5 Wrapping It Up

Now you know how to make your staycation feel like a vacation, like lemonade out of lemons. Get busy setting up your home for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Some of the greatest feelings you get from a vacation are based on the knowledge that you’re in a place of safety no matter the experience. Upgrade your home security to give you that same confidence, especially if you invite friends and family over.

GVTC offers an extensive range of residential security systems in the greater South and Central Texas areas to add to the comfort and security of your home. With remote accessibility, you can keep an eye on things while you go on day trips for mountain climbing or hikes in the woods.

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