Cold Weather Best Practices for Arlo from GVTC ConnectHome® Smart Security

arlo-black-friday-trioAs the winter season approaches, it's crucial to ensure that your home security system, particularly Arlo cameras from GVTC ConnectHome® Smart Security, remain operational despite the challenges posed by cold weather. With the plummeting temperatures and potential obstructions on solar panels leading to dead batteries, proactive measures are necessary to maintain the functionality of your security setup.

Regular Inspection of Solar Panels

A key step in ensuring uninterrupted power supply to your Arlo cameras is the regular inspection of solar panels. As the days grow shorter and the weather harsher, potential obstructions such as snow, ice, or debris might accumulate on the panels. These obstructions can hinder the panels from harnessing solar energy efficiently, leading to battery drainage and compromised camera performance.

GVTC ConnectHome® Smart Security recommends customers routinely check their solar panels for any blockages. Clearing away snow, ice, or debris can significantly contribute to the cameras' longevity and uninterrupted functionality during the winter months.

Implementing Cold Weather Best Practices

Extreme cold can affect the performance of outdoor cameras. Arlo cameras are designed to withstand various weather conditions, but excessively low temperatures can still impact their operation. When temperatures drop to levels that may hamper the outdoor camera's performance, consider deploying indoor cameras as an alternative solution. Indoor cameras provide a reliable means of surveillance without being affected by harsh weather conditions.

Seasonal reminders play a pivotal role in ensuring that customers remain proactive in preserving the efficiency of their security systems. By reminding customers about these seasonal checks, GVTC ConnectHome® Smart Security ensures that the Arlo cameras continue to function optimally throughout the winter season, providing unwavering surveillance and peace of mind.

GVTC ConnectHome® Smart Security's commitment to providing comprehensive security solutions extends to guiding customers through seasonal challenges, ensuring that their homes remain safeguarded throughout the year.

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