Ways to Maximize GVTC connectHome®

A modern world calls for modern solutions to the one thing we’re all trying to manage - stress. Smart devices like GVTC connectHome® help you manage your time efficiently, so you can enjoy each day stress-free.

Stats show that 49% of office workers and 54% of remote workers revealed how they felt “overly stressed during the workday.” Most of the stress and anxiety they feel can easily be reduced by delegating activities like household chores to your home security system (i.e. GVTC connectHome).

Family at HomeHere’s how this smart home solution helps you lower the pressures of everyday life.

1. Chores Automation

Almost everything is automated now — cars, devices, homes, and to some extent, even stores and cities.

While there’s nothing wrong with juggling work or kids or chores, automation gives you more free time. You don’t need to operate your dishwasher or vacuum cleaner if you can automate them.

The connectHome starter packages allow you to connect any compatible smart appliance as you see fit. And with the mobile home-assistant, you can integrate all your devices into one hub – controlling everything wherever you go.

2. Security Monitoring

Security MonitoringWhether you work from home or an office, you need adequate security to insure your house and family are safe. What better way than to adopt a home security system that you can control automatically from your smart device.

GVTC Smart Home Security affords you round-the-clock security monitoring by sending alerts to your phone.

Imagine working from home and never having to get up to answer the door or check in on the pets from your office. With GVTC, our connectHome security service provides wireless sensors that notify you of movements around your marked perimeters including windows, doors, and even inside the house. And the best part? You can control them from anywhere.

3. Temperature Control

Lots of states experience two extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s summer or winter, electric bills aren't fans of either of them. Luckily for you, most homes these days have smart thermostats like Honeywell and Nest.

House KeyThese devices can be automated, which means you can control the temperature from any room in the house. You not only save money but also save yourself unnecessary trips across the house to change it yourself.

4. Lighting Control

Home security isn’t the only top feature GVTC connectHome has – there’s also smart lightbulbs. We’re taking “Clap on! Clap off!” to a whole new level. You no longer need to get up from your workbench to adjust the lights while working, interrupting your workflow in the process. With a tap in your Total Connect 2. App, you can control and regulate all the lights in your home if you so choose.

Gain the ability to customize the brightness or color of the light bulbs from the comfort of your couch or desk.

5. Shop and Receive Home Deliveries

Online shopping is great, and all — that’s until the delivery person arrives at an inconvenient time and ruins your concentration. Thanks to the smart home security system from GVTC, you can remotely disarm and re-arm your locks as you see fit.

You can monitor the doors from your Total Connect 2. App — getting notified at the exact moment a package (or person) arrives at your door in real-time.

6. Smart Vacuum

Imagine using the time you’d normally spend doing chores, to spend an extra hour at the dinner table with your family. The crazy-cool thing is it’s so possible. Technology today finally lets you skip minimal tasks like vacuuming. Consider getting a smart vacuum like a Roomba that runs on its own cleaning schedule. And voila, you’ve earned an extra hour a week to do as you please.

You might get to finally finish that book or app you've been working on for days but can’t seem to make a dent in because of chores.

Answering the Door7. Monitor Specific Wall Sockets

It's usually little things like wondering whether we turned off the socket that keeps us up at night. Imagine trying to work and spending valuable time trying to remember if you left your hair straightener on or not.

GVTC connectHome® offers smart features that allow you to monitor specific sockets in your house. With your smartphone, you can easily switch off or turn on different switches in your home without moving an inch. It sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s not.

8. Lock and Unlock your Doors

The SkyBell® Video Doorbell is incredible. It allows you to see who’s at your door at all times. But it doesn’t just let you monitor your door; It’s a smart home device that’s equipped with both a camera and speaker for communicating.

Do you wish you could work in silence and avoid the obnoxious doorbell? With GVTC connectHome, you have the capability to turn off your doorbell’s sound while still getting alerts of visitors present.

In addition, you can also get notified when your kids come home from school, allowing you to unlock and lock the door after them. Scheduling the smart locks to kick-in at a specific time helps you worry less about you and your family’s safety.

Packages at Doorstep9. Avoid Flooding Your Home Unintentionally

Are you prone to leaving your faucets running and forgetting about them? Don’t worry, GVTC connectHome has got you covered. You’ll get notified immediately if anything is ever about to go wrong.

GVTC’s smart sensors protect you from the horror stories of coming home to a flooded kitchen or bathroom.

Get the Most Benefits with GVTC connectHome®

One of the key benefits of living in a smart home is that it makes your life relatively easy. Working from home doesn’t have to be distracting or stressful when you can automate the “bleh” tasks. Everything from temperature and lighting control, smart appliances, outlets, sensors, and locks is essential for productivity at home - but less than desirable duties.

Automating chores gives you more time to focus on work and meet deadlines.

Security monitoring allows you to protect your house and family with the click of a button.

And consolidating your smart home into easy-to-use apps makes the experience that much easier. Control your smart home and smart devices with your GVTC apps:

  • GVTC Wi-Fi App
  • GVTC Start App
  • GVTC Watch App

You don’t have to wait another day to start enjoying these benefits. Shop GVTC services in your area today, and put connectHome to work as you work from home.


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