GVTC Announcements in Lieu of 2020 Annual Meeting

Despite postponing its 2020 Annual Meeting, GVTC continued its tradition of announcing the Board of Directors election results, honoring its 2020 President’s Award recipients, and announcing an increase in Capital Credits for GVTC members.

Congratulations to our returning Board Members

On the ballot this year, there were four open positions on the GVTC Board, and from June 1 to June 23, active GVTC members were able to vote via direct mail or online.


The results are in: all four elected members to our GVTC Board of Directors are incumbents who have served GVTC faithfully for many years. Among them is George Steinke to serve as Director of District I, Position 1, Jameson (Jamey) Arnold of District II, Position 3, Clint Swindall of District II, Position 5, and Tony Spears of District V, Position 1.

We’re excited about the continued leadership they’ll be providing GVTC as we head into the tail-end of 2020 and beyond.

Highest Employee Honor

GVTC also recognized its 2020 President’s Award recipients this month. This honor is awarded annually to employees who have demonstrated leadership, made incredible contributions, or improved processes at GVTC that will carry on into the future. The 2020 recipients include Network Architect, Joey Wilson, and Telecommunications Technicians Supervisor, Daryl Furhmann.

Leading the effort to launch GVTC Premium WiFi and ensuring GVTC’s network remained robust and reliable amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Joey Wilson was instrumental to GVTC’s success.

Daryl demonstrated his superior expertise and leadership amidst GVTC’s new cable locate service. He solved a problem without any direction and organized his team of technicians so well that GVTC never missed a beat throughout the process.

Both men’s initiative, ingenuity, and incredible pursuit of excellence have set a new standard at GVTC, and GVTC is beyond grateful to have team members like Joey and Daryl.

Providing Greater Value

This month, GVTC distributed its largest Capital Credits in the history of the company totaling $7,250,000, an increase from its 2019 issuance of $7 million. 


Led by the GVTC Board of Directors, GVTC has released more than $50 million over the last decade. GVTC’s CEO & President, Ritchie Sorrells says, "GVTC's ability to issue annual Capital Credits this size is a testament to the hard work of our dedicated employees and the visionary leadership of our Board of Directors.”

In addition, active GVTC members saw their Capital Credits distributed a little differently this year - receiving a credit applied to their June 2020 statements.

Looking to the Future

While there is much left of 2020 to be seen, GVTC is optimistic about the future of the communities it serves. GVTC’s mission is to ensure the long-term viability of the company by providing the best value in communication services and enhancing the quality of life overall, and its board of directors, leadership team, and 220+ employees continue to fulfill this mission daily.

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