2018 Annual Meeting | Texas Communication Services | GVTC

On Wednesday, June 27, GVTC hosted its 2018 Annual Meeting at the New Braunfels Civic Convention Center where they elected five members to the Board of Directors, presented four outstanding employees with President’s Awards, and returned $6 million in Capital Credits to members of the cooperative.

On the ballot this year, five positions on the GVTC Board of Directors were open for election, and for the first time ever in GVTC history, votes were collected both through mail and online balloting. Overall, the change in voting resulted in five times more votes than last year and the five spots filled included: Robert (Bob) Baron for District I, Geri Browne, Mike Scott and Rhonda Zunker for District II, and Rita P. Wenthold for District III.
2018 President's Award Winners

Also recognized were the 2018 President’s Award recipients, Jasa Roa and the “Team of Technical Tenacity” made up of Alfred Perez, 0000100175-001-5 Eileen Lenz, and Sandra Ramirez, who were presented with crystal awards for demonstrating exemplary work and innovation at GVTC.

With encouraging words from Chairman of the Board, Chuck Knibbe, and President and CEO, Ritchie T. Sorrells, the evening came to a close and members got a picture of the bright and prosperous future ahead for GVTC and its Fiercely Loyal Customers!

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