GVTC WiFi Score: Find Out What Speeds Fit Your Needs

GettyImages-1194574051 (1)Here’s something that may blow your mind- imagine how many devices you have in your home right now. We mean all devices connected to the Internet, including smart TVs, mobile phones, thermostats, wearables, laptops, smart refrigerators, and maybe even your vacuum cleaner. 

If you’re counting into the double digits, know that we did, too. In fact, people in the United States currently own anywhere from 8-13 devices per household, with signs of numbers increasing in the coming years.

Understanding You Internet Needs

Today, the internet is a utility. It’s ingrained in nearly everything we do, and households like yours continue to demand faster, more reliable speeds to keep up with that lifestyle. It’s not unusual to share your bandwidth between multiple people and dozens of devices, and coupling that with a larger floor-plan or several stories adds more variables that all impact your internet’s performance. 

That’s why it’s important to know which internet speeds truly meet your household needs. Buffering screens and dead zones make a lot more sense when you start to test the limits of your internet against all the connected devices in your home. But that doesn’t have to be your reality.

Introducing the WiFi Score

We’ve created the GVTC WiFi Score to help get your household up to code with your daily life. It’s a personalized score based on YOUR lifestyle. We skip the tech jargon, and instead, bring you a fun, simplified way to assess your internet needs.

You can think of your WiFi score as your internet personality. Taking care of all the research on our end, we’ve carefully curated 5 simple questions to analyze your current internet speeds, device usage, and lifestyle. At the end of the quiz, you’ll receive a unique score tailored to your internet needs.

Getting the Right Speeds

Based on your WiFi score, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to make a confident decision about which internet speeds are right for you. Your WiFi Score will give you a snapshot of your tech-savviness and provide education about your internet usage and speed plans that align with your lifestyle.

What's your WiFi Score? Take the quiz and find out what speed is right for YOU!


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