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Ritchie - Updated backgroundDearest valued customer,

As a community-focused local company, we continue to offer unique advantages that set us apart. Our commitment to the community remains steadfast, and our dedication to delivering unparalleled value in communication services to our customers is unwavering. Reflecting on the objectives set for this year, I'm delighted to share that GVTC not only fulfilled this commitment but also spearheaded three pivotal initiatives, setting the stage for future innovation and sustained success.

Building upon our commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction, our paramount goal is to ensure that our customers enjoy the best experience possible. With the introduction of innovative new products and features, we aim to elevate our services even further. Our initial endeavor, Advancing Broadband and Beyond, was just the beginning. By concentrating on augmenting value-added services such as Arlo connectHome® smart security and GVTC TV, we focused on creating an exceptional customer journey. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to surpassing expectations and delivering unparalleled excellence in every interaction.

Additionally, our focus on creating seamless experiences for our fiercely loyal Customers has been pivotal. By strategically integrating various digital platforms, such as our website, social channels, and GVTC apps, we've not only heightened customer engagement but also witnessed a substantial surge in online sales. Furthermore, these efforts have resulted in tangible improvements in our Net Promoter Scores (NPS), reflecting the increased satisfaction and loyalty of our customer base.

The GVTC Foundation remains the philanthropic arm of GVTC Communications, steadfast in its commitment to fostering stronger communities across the service area. Run entirely by dedicated employee volunteers, the Foundation continues to receive unwavering support and contributions from donors, GVTC employees, GVTC itself, and the GVTC Board of Directors.

Since its inception, The GVTC Foundation has significantly expanded its impact, having donated more than $6 million to local nonprofits within the service area. GVTC employees persist in their charitable endeavors, contributing their time and personal resources during the annual employee pledge drive.

Through collective support, The GVTC Foundation continues to make a profound difference in over 100 nonprofits, schools, and businesses within the service area. Contributions in the form of individual monetary donations, bequeathments, memorials for loved ones, and participation in the Round Up for Change program remain crucial in sustaining these efforts.

As the holiday season approaches and a new year dawns, many will rely on GVTC's cutting-edge technology to connect with loved ones, both near and far.

The ongoing commitment and patronage of GVTC's services are deeply appreciated. Thank you for selecting GVTC as your foremost communications provider. Warm wishes for a joyful Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you and your families.

Ritchie Sorrells

President & CEO, GVTC

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