Home for the Holidays: Best Ways to Stay Connected to Family and Friends

Spending holidays at home can be as exciting as traveling—no place like home after all.

In 2020, about 60% of holidaymakers stayed home for the holidays because of COVID. This is a year later and that number might stay the same or improve slightly, at best.

So, thinking of staying at home for this holiday season?

You are not alone.

Spending the holiday with your family and friends benefits you in many ways, including saving money and creating more time for the people you love, while keeping the holiday thrill.

If you're wondering how to spend the holidays with the people you love, you'll find this article useful.

5 Reasons Holidays at Home is Betterhome holiday blog

Home is where the heart is, right?

Besides the euphoria of visiting new places, you might prefer to enjoy a home holiday for these reasons:

Save Money

A typical couple's week-long vacation costs $3,117 in the USA. Add your children and household members and that cost goes flying through the roof.

Staying at home for the holidays saves you money you can invest in more fun activities and experiences.

You'd cut costs on flights, hotel accommodations, car rentals, expensive park tickets, food, and more.

Enjoy More Privacy

If you're big on "alone" time for the family, you would love holidays at home. With little or no distractions from strangers, you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

You have to share facilities with people when you travel for holidays including pools, gaming centers, eating spaces, and the cinema.

At home, you have everything to yourself.

Relax in Familiar Spaces

Adjusting to a new place takes time.

If you're going for a week's trip to a different time zone you might experience jet lag for the first two or more days.

You'd skip all that time loss and focus on the fun if you're staying at home.

Enjoy More Bonding Time with Loved Ones

After working tirelessly all year round, the holidays make a perfect time to connect with family and friends.

Destination holidays may steal those moments because of tight schedules, different room arrangements, distractions, and unexpected events.

At home, you share the same breathing space and have more time together to bond.

Have Total Schedule and Time Control

Alarm clocks ticking to alert you of your schedule can be annoying during holidays.

However, being home for the holidays means you get to call the shots. You determine the pace and tempo of lined-up activities for you and your loved ones.

No impromptu change of plans. No disturbing knocks from room service or tour guide waking you up too early. You can afford to sleep in—no pressure to tick all your to-do list either.

If you're wondering what to do with all that time in your hands while at home, we have compiled a list of fun activities with friends and family you can explore.

FoodNetwork12 Activities To Do With Family and Friends When Spending the Holiday At Home

You do not have to break the bank to bond with family and friends during the holidays. While at it, have fun. That's the goal.

1. Cook Your Favorite Meals Together

If you have kids, then you know they can be a handful. Engage them.

Cooking is a great way to achieve that.

Skip fancy restaurants and their exorbitant prices during your holidays at home. Whip up those old recipes and try them out with your loved ones.

2. Role Play

Spice up your home holidays with role-playing. Your children will love their favorite costumes.

From Disney characters to Marvel superheroes, you and your children can spend the whole day being powerful, adorable, or funny.

Plus, you'd enjoy the experience and the delightful faces of loved ones is rewarding too.

3. Binge Watch Movies

Well, Netflix and chill is still a thing, right?

Who says no to a bowl of delicious homemade popcorn and an amazing classic movie or series?

It's the holidays, so you have enough time to see movies. Everyone can take turns to pick out their choice of movies. Allocate different times for each movie on the list.

4. Play Games Suitable for Kids and Adults

Adults and kids can play scrabble or good ol' hide-and-seek.

Video games are ideal too.

You want to avoid age-specific activities so you don't sideline a particular group. The more participants, the merrier.

5. Bake

You don't need to even know how to bake. Get cookbooks and aprons ready.

Family and friends can have so much fun baking cookies or bread together.

Plus the experience is good for learning.

6. Home Karaoke is Awesome

Music can help you connect with loved ones in a fun way.

You can choose a karaoke night for this activity. Sing along with family and friends to your favorite songs. You can also put in some dance to make it even more fun.

7. Make Ornaments and Gift One Another

Heartwarming gifts don't have to be expensive.

They should be thoughtful.

Creating ornamental pieces from items around the house is interesting and creates beautiful memories. Families and friends will cherish these gifts.

8. Visit Notable Places Nearby

Drive to a park, beach, museum, or sporting center near your home.

The short trip around your city can be fun in itself and then you get to see things you've not paid attention to lately.

Plus, it's a learning experience for your kids.

9. Take Photographs

Strike poses for family portraits or freestyle.

Photographs preserve memories.

Capturing every moment of your holiday is a great way to relive the experience in the future. It also offers bonding experiences and memories your children would cherish long after the event.

10. Organize a Slumber Party

From going grocery shopping to getting the house ready for the party, a slumber party is all you need to bring everyone together.

The point is to enjoy the process of planning for sleepover parties.

11. Skype with Faraway Relatives and Friends

Loved ones living far away can join in the holiday fun through video calls. With a strong internet connection, you can talk through daily activities.

12. Read Interesting Books

Studying during holidays is probably a child's nightmare. But you can read interesting titles together with loved ones.

You can choose family-friendly, adventure storybooks. And if you're up for it, do the reading outdoors around a campfire.

10 Tips to Enjoy Holidays at Home With Friends and Family

Smartphones and social media have made staying present and physically connecting with loved ones a bit tougher.

Use the tips here to get everyone engaged and present in your home holidays plans:

  1. Allocate time for every activity
  2. Remove distractions such as phones when having family moments
  3. Get everyone to contribute their ideas to all your plans
  4. Keep activities engaging and ask for participants' feedback periodically
  5. Offer rewards for every game to spur interest
  6. Encourage a friendly and relaxed atmosphere
  7. Know when to start and end an activity; don't bore family and friends
  8. Be spontaneous; initiate unplanned but fun activities
  9. While being adventurous, ensure the safety of loved ones
  10. Use fast internet connection

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