How The GVTC Foundation helps its Community

You may know GVTC as just an internet service provider (ISP). We provide a full suite of products and services meant to connect families, enhance your quality of life, and solve daily problems. But there’s one crucial part of our business that helps us fully meet those goals: The GVTC Foundation.

Here’s what our philanthropic arm has to offer our community - both as a part of GVTC and a part of the community.


The GVTC Foundation in a nutshell

Local. People-dedicated. Impactful. — Meet our philanthropic arm, The GVTC Foundation. Guiding our every move and effort, our core mission of The GVTC Foundation is to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve through charitable contributions and volunteer service.

Founded in 2006, The GVTC Foundation strives to be the leading local supporter of our service area. To do that, we partner with 100+ nonprofits, schools, and businesses throughout the Texas Hill Country each year to award grants, event sponsorships, and scholarships to those in need.

We’re 100% employee-run and volunteered, which allows us to donate $0.95 of every dollar raised back into the community. We believe it’s our duty as a local partner and neighbor to aide where we can, and GVTC’s employees make all the difference.

Where we give back

As an extension of GVTC, we’re focused on the same goal - the people in our community we serve. We believe building people up and helping those in need is what makes us local. For this reason, The GVTC Foundation supports six key areas of giving:

  1. Health & Human Services
  2. Youth Programs & Services
  3. Volunteer Emergency Services
  4. Education
  5. Cultural Programs
  6. Public Charities

The GVTC Foundation partners with local nonprofits in GVTC’s service area that align with and support efforts for these areas of giving. Nonprofits including local food pantries, senior homes, our brave volunteer fire departments, school and educational programs, shelters, and health centers. In total, we’ve been able to give back over $3.5 million. Investing in them is investing in you and those around us, and that’s what we’re all about!

How we raise funds

There are three main ways we’re able to do what we do: our generous employees and local supporters.

Not only is The Foundation 100% employee-run, but it is also supported by GVTC and its employees. More than 91% of all GVTC employees and 100% of The GVTC Board donate through payroll deduction, which is then matched by GVTC at 150%! That is a rare, rare thing.

Another way we raise funds is through our fiercely loyal customers. Through our Round-Up for Change program, customers have the opportunity to make a difference every month by rounding up their monthly bill to the nearest dollar. And on top of that, many customers choose to go beyond that in donating anywhere from $1 - $100 a month through their bill. And we couldn't be more grateful.

The last - and biggest - contributor comes from our sole fundraiser, the GVTC Charitable Golf Classic, where we team up with business partners to raise funds in support of The GVTC Foundation. Last year, we raised nearly $222,000!

golfvolunteerseditWhen you choose GVTC, you also give back.

Next time you get a delivery notification through connectHomeⓇ mobile app or bingeing unbuffered shows at night, you can feel good about the effect behind choosing GVTC as your provider.

By subscribing to GVTC service, you make it possible for us to sustain a growing philanthropy and provide superior service to your home. If you're looking to do even more, we've made it simple. You can join our Round-Up for Change program today, and round your monthly bill to the nearest dollar.

You can visit to learn more about the ways our Foundation is involved in our community today.

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