The GVTC Foundation Empowers Local Non-Profits with Partnership Donation

IMG_3311 (1)In the spirit of fostering community well-being of local youths, the GVTC Foundation proudly presented its 2023 Partnership Donation to two outstanding non-profits. The Bulverde Spring Branch Angel Tree Project and Blessings in a Backpack-Boerne, TX, were chosen to each receive a $10,000 donation to help with their programs. These significant contributions symbolize not just financial aid but a beacon of hope and support for children and families in need within the GVTC service area.

Bulverde Spring Branch Angels orchestrate the annual Angel Tree Project, a heartwarming endeavor that fulfills the Christmas wishes of children within the GVTC service area. With recommendations from schools and churches, the non-profit curates wish lists tailored to each child's needs and desires. The GVTC Foundation’s donation will play a pivotal role in bringing joy and fulfilling dreams for the youth in our community during the upcoming Christmas season.

Founder of The Bulverde Spring Branch Angel Tree, Cindy Hurst, expressed her gratitude, stating, “The support extended by The GVTC Foundation to our community is simply incredible. We are immensely thankful and honored to be chosen for this exceptional donation.”

IMG_3260 (1)-1Blessings in a Backpack Boerne, a community-focused organization, partners with the Boerne community to tackle child hunger among impoverished school children throughout the school year. Operating in all thirteen schools within the Boerne Independent School District, this initiative supports eligible students from Pre-K through Grade 12 by providing them with a backpack filled with nourishing food for 38 weekends when school is in session and during holiday breaks. By supplying easily prepared and ready-to-eat items like granola bars, juice boxes, mac and cheese, oatmeal, tuna, peanut butter, along with shelf-stable milk and fresh fruit, Blessings in a Backpack not only addresses immediate hunger but also seeks to mitigate long-term effects of malnutrition, including a weakened immune system, increased hospitalizations, lower academic achievement, and shorter attention spans.

Kathy Bandujo, Executive Director of Blessings in a Backpack Boerne, remarked, “This generous gift speaks volumes about The GVTC Foundation’s commitment to our community. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for this incredible support.”

As the year draws to a close, the impact of The GVTC Foundation Partnership Donation reverberates within the Bulverde and Boerne communities. By empowering local non-profits with resources and encouragement, they exemplify the spirit of giving that resonates beyond monetary value, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those they touch. As we look ahead to a new year, let us carry forward the essence of this generosity, spreading kindness and support to all corners of our communities.


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