Top Safety Apps for You and Your Family During the Holiday Season

GettyImages-1177416733As the holiday season approaches, ensuring the safety of your family becomes paramount. Whether it's keeping tabs on your loved ones' whereabouts, monitoring online activity, or having a lifeline in emergencies, these seven safety apps are essential for any parent. 


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One of the best location monitoring apps available, Life360 can track your entire family’s location, whether they are walking, driving, or killing time online. The app will notify parents when their child reaches designated locations and will keep a running log of everywhere the child has been. If you have a teen driver in the home, Life360 can even notify emergency services in the event of an accident if the driver is unable to respond to calls. 


Cost: $5 - $14 per month (Free Trial available)

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Parents can use Bark to monitor their children’s text messages, YouTube, emails, and over 30 social networks. The app will alert parents to issues like cyberbullying and possible depression by analyzing words on their child’s phone. 

Find My Kids

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Find My Kids uses GPS tracking and your child’s phone or smartwatch to help you keep track of and locate your child at all times. The app will send parents notifications whenever their child enters or leaves usual places like home or school. Parents will also receive notifications anytime their child’s device’s battery is low, or their phone is on silent. Children can send parents a notification by pressing an SOS button, as well, anytime they need help. 

Through the app, parents can also monitor their child’s phone usage, listen to their surroundings (only available for Android users), and send loud notifications to the phone, helpful anytime the phone is misplaced. 

Family Locator

Cost: Free

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Family Locator is another great location monitoring app. With the Family Locator app, you can keep track of the entire family’s phones and whereabouts. Through the app, parents can track where their children are, require them to check in periodically and be notified when they reach their destinations. Parents can also set safe and unsafe zones for their children and be notified anytime they enter or leave those areas. 


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Cairn is a must-download for hikers. The app will share your planned route with loved ones and calculate your estimated time of arrival based on your speed and elevation changes. It will also share real-time location tracking with your friends and family. 

The app works on thousands of popular trails and allows users to download maps that highlight where there is and isn’t cell service along the route. 


Cost: Free - $10 per month (Free Trial available)

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Hopefully, this never happens to you or a loved one, but Noonlight is here to help if at any time you need emergency help but can’t talk. With a simple push of a button, Noonlight will silently call for help with your exact location. An operator will text you to verify the alarm. However, if you can’t talk or don’t respond, Noonlight will send a 911 alert with your GPS location, profile information, and even a picture to emergency responders. 

Snug Safety

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Snug Safety is the perfect app if you have an elderly parent (or really any loved one) who lives alone or far away. Users simply select the time of the day, and the app will check on them daily at that time. Then, all your loved one must do is simply press the green check mark when notified and receive a quote of the day. If a user fails to check in, the app will notify their emergency contacts. 

Your home’s security app

Many of today’s home security options come with apps that allow you to monitor the security of your home and get notifications any time something may be wrong. 

If you’re looking to install a new home security system, click here to learn more about all of GVTC’s smart home security options. 

Prioritizing the safety of your family during the holiday season is crucial. These safety apps cater to various needs, from location tracking to online monitoring and emergency assistance. By utilizing these apps, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved ones are protected. Stay safe this holiday season!

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