Get an Extra Set of Eyes with ExperienceIQ

Everyone has heard that moms have an extra set of eyes to keep on their children, but ExperienceIQ makes that a reality. For just $3.95 a month, you can add this excellent service to help monitor your children’s device usage! In a world full of technology, it is important to know what your kids are viewing and keep them safe from the many dangers on the web.

child lock blogWith ExperienceIQ, you can set profiles, content filters, screen time limits, and view network usage, so children are only allowed on child-appropriate sites, apps, and devices. These controls will allow you to schedule your child’s screen time and ensure they only have access to specific materials approved by you.

These numerous great features are easy to set up via the GVTC WiFi App and only take a few minutes to do. With the simple click of a button, you can control offline hours each day or select individual days of the week. Set up multiple profiles and monitor their usage by day, week, or month. You can filter by application, content, and website, and there is no limit to how many categories you can block! You can also turn on Safe Search for Google and Bing, as well as YouTube restrictions. With Enhanced Parental Control, you can enable notifications to receive activity updates about the profiles and devices you have chosen to monitor.

When used correctly and in moderation, technology is a great learning tool and resource. Help your kids get the most out of the internet in 2022 with ExperienceIQ! You must have our Premium WiFi to access parental controls, so upgrade today if you haven’t already.

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