Meet our Board Members!

Since the cooperative’s creation, the Board of Directors has helped secure long-term viability for GVTC in an ever-changing industry. The GVTC Board consists of 15 directors who are GVTC members, and each serves on behalf of the designated GVTC district they reside in. We rely on their leadership and specialized skills to set GVTC apart and ahead of other providers.

Providing Greater Value

2021 marked the fourth year of our Member Dividend Program (MDP). This program changed the telecommunications industry by trimming active members' monthly payments by 20%, just for being loyal to GVTC. We have seen the program grow, with over $11.5 million returned to members in the form of dividends applied to their bills in the past 12 months. The success of this program demonstrates the value there is to membership in this cooperative. Your commitment to GVTC puts money back in your pocket.

Led by the GVTC Board of Directors, GVTC also released record-breaking capital credits of $7.5 million in 2021. GVTC’s CEO & President, Ritchie Sorrells, says, "GVTC's ability to issue annual Capital Credits this size is a testament to the hard work of our dedicated employees and the visionary leadership of our Board of Directors.”

We continue to innovate with new products and services, like our new GVTC Premium WiFi, GVTC connectHome®, and faster connection speeds. We also invest in our network at twice the rate of our competitors to make sure that as many of you can experience the best services we have to offer.

Giving Back to our Community 

We are local. People-Oriented. Impactful. The GVTC Foundation is the philanthropic arm of GVTC Communications dedicated to building and supporting stronger communities throughout our service area. The Foundation is 100% operated by employee volunteers, with support and contributions from donors, employees, and the GVTC Board of Directors. Things that set The GVTC Foundation apart from most is that $0.96 of every dollar donated is distributed to the community, 87% of Employees donate through payroll deduction, 100% of GVTC'S Board of Directors contribute, and over 11% of customers participate in the Round up for Change program. Since 2006, The GVTC Foundation has given back over $4.9 million, investing in you and those around us.

The Future is Bright

GVTC’s mission is to ensure the long-term viability of the company by providing the best value in communication services and enhancing the quality of life overall. It is the board of directors, leadership team, and employees who continue to fulfill this mission daily. We will always operate with the philosophy “owned by those we serve” in mind, ensuring you are connected to what matters to most.

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