On Trac, Inc. Wins 2022 GVTC IMPACT Award

GVTC announced that On Trac, Inc. has won the 2022 GVTC IMPACT Award. This prestigious award is given to the vendor/partner that best compliments GVTC’s values and strategic initiatives by building a strong relationship with GVTC through cost reductions, product innovation, quality improvement, service, teamwork, integrity, community involvement, or fiercely loyal customer principles.

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On Trac, Inc. has been a key partner of GVTC for over 16 years. At the beginning of the partnership, On Trac began helping GVTC’s fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) install process by performing the “Hang and Light” function. This function involves bringing the fiber drop from the street to the side of the home, hanging the optical network terminal (ONT), and splicing the fiber to ensure there is light so the fiber is ready when the installer arrives. As GVTC’s trust and confidence in On Trac grew, GVTC began using On Trac for the majority of FTTH in-home installs and all “Hang and Light” functions.

On Trac’s management team has continuously acted with integrity and accountability in dealings with GVTC and GVTC customers. On Trac’s focus on superior customer service to both GVTC and the customer has been critical in achieving GVTC’s objectives for Net Promoter Score and event-based surveys. When GVTC rolled out the Fiercely Loyal Customer Program, On Trac actively participated in the training and monitoring of installers to ensure they followed GVTC’s Six Principles. These principles include personalization, integrity, expectations, empathy, time & effort, and resolution.

“On Trac always displays teamwork in dealing with GVTC management and personnel to the point that they are practically part of the GVTC family,” said GVTC’s President and CEO, Ritchie Sorrells.

In addition to all the great things On Trac, Inc. has done with GVTC, they have been a loyal supporter of The GVTC Foundation for several years. On Trac has invested in The GVTC Foundation, supporting the foundation’s vision, and sustaining a strong partnership. In addition to monetary support, On Trac keeps in contact with periodic phone calls and emails to check in and ensure all is well with The GVTC Foundation.

“We are thankful for the partnership we have built with On Trac and their support in our mission to enhance the quality of life in our community,” said GVTC Foundation President Sonia Aguillon.

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