What is the Round Up for Change Program?

Whether you’re the fifth generation to occupy your family’s ranch or you recently moved here for the BBQ, you’re as Texan as they get because you’re local

Part of being local means you have the unique opportunity to invest in those who invest in you. As a leading internet service provider, GVTC understands its own responsibility to do just that as both its employees and customers live here. Work here. And give here.

One way we invite customers to join us in our mission to invest locally is to sign up for our Round Up for Change program.

Pennies Grow

What is it?

The Round Up for Change program was created to help support the good work of The GVTC Foundation, our philanthropic arm. It allows customers to donate a small amount each month through their billing statements. All proceeds raised from this program are then matched by GVTC and donated to The Foundation who supports our community through charitable contributions and volunteer service projects.

How does it work?

When a customer enrolls in the program, they agree to have their monthly billing statement rounded to the nearest whole dollar each month as a donation to The GVTC Foundation. Those pennies, once matched by GVTC, go directly towards scholarships, grants, and event sponsorships throughout GVTC’s service area. For less than a dollar each month, you can join thousands of customers looking to make a difference. If you wish to donate more, we won’t stop you! You can specify a different amount you’d like to donate at sign-up, and you can un-enroll at any time by calling in.

Signing up is easy. All you have to do is visit gvtc.com/roundup and select the “Login to Enroll” button to follow enrollment instructions. Or, you can call us directly at 800-FOR-GVTC and speak to a customer service representative directly. 

Not a customer?

If you’re not a GVTC customer, that’s ok! While you won’t be able to “Round Up” anything, you can always contact us at 800-FOR-GVTC, visit our website, or email info@gvtcfoundation.com to make a one-time or recurring gift to The GVTC Foundation.

Where Your Money Goes

As an extension of GVTC, The GVTC Foundation is focused on the same goal - the people in our community we serve. We believe building people up and helping those in need is what makes us local. For this reason, we support nonprofits who aid at least one of our six key areas of giving:

  1. Health & Human Services
  2. Youth Programs & Services
  3. Volunteer Emergency Services
  4. Education
  5. Cultural Programs
  6. Public Charities

The GVTC Foundation is also 100% employee run with little overhead costs, which means $0.95 of every dollar donated goes directly back into programs to support those most in need. This allows us to help over 100 local nonprofit partners each year.

Be a Part of the Change

There’s something special about investing locally. Your pennies, though small at first, add up to make a big difference in our community. For less than a dollar each month, you can be a part of a mission to enhance the quality of life for those throughout your community. It all starts with a passion to be a part of change.

Watch this Round Up for Change video to see how you can take part during this time of need in our community.

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