How Smart Security Systems Can Help during COVID-19 Crisis

Millions—if not billions—of people have gone through rapid changes in their work and personal lives since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, this change means that they had to transition to a work-from-home situation quickly.

For others, like frontline healthcare workers, it means spending more time at health facilities and away from their homes. For those with loved ones and pets, questions about their safety and well-being have plagued their minds.

So, what do you do if your business has been shut down during the pandemic or you’re a frontline health worker spending time away from home?

Take precaution.

Install a smart security system that can help ensure your home, loved ones, pets, or businesses remains safe throughout this pandemic. 

What’s more?

A smart security system does more than helping you secure loved ones.

Protecting Your Home When You Work Long Hours

Working long hours under this nerve-racking condition is stressful enough. And you don’t need to add worrying about home security to the mix.

With a smart security system, you can protect your home while you’re at work. Smart security systems can promptly notify you of activities as they happen on your property. And can even deter burglars from approaching your home.

GettyImages-1225941615About 60 percent of convicted burglars said that the presence of a security system prompted them to find another home to target.

Plus, wireless video cameras can show you what’s happening when you’re not at home. Smart cameras would even allow you to set custom detection parameters. This custom setting lets you monitor and record movement in designated areas of your home.

If intruders access your property, you’ll be notified and be able to check on what’s happening in real-time.


Keeping an Eye on Your Pets

A significant concern for many healthcare workers, especially those with pets, is that they can’t be there to look after and watch out for them. With a smart security system, you can have designated home security cameras that’ll allow you to ensure their safety.

What’s more?

GettyImages-1204274923You can help them instantly in case of an emergency. Smart security systems, like the GVTC Home Security Monitoring, have integrated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that’ll alert you of any dangers.

Once either detector is triggered, you can contact a friend or neighbor to extract your pets and take them somewhere safe.


Make it Easy to Work With Pet Care Professionals

When you spend so much time on the job, there’s a huge chance you won’t be able to feed your pets or walk them when necessary. This means that you can enlist the help of a family member or friend to look after your pets.

However, if you can’t get family members to help, you’ll need to hire a professional dog walker or pet sitter. By installing a smart security system, you can control when and how pet care professionals enter your home.

How can you achieve this?

Create a Temporary Passcode

Many smart security systems allow you to create temporary passcodes to share with dog walkers and pet sitters. When activated or deactivated at a designated time, the code will give access to the pet care professional.

Remotely Unlock Doors

Smart security systems come with smart door locks that allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely from your smartphone. Your pet care professional can text you when they get to your home, and you can open a door for them remotely.

Receive Smartphone Alerts When Pet Care Providers Arrive

When a scheduled dog walker or pet sitter arrives and uses a temporary code to gain access to your home, a smart security system will send a message to your devices. Wireless door sensors and motion sensors can also alert you remotely whenever they’re triggered. 

Protecting Businesses When They are Closed

To comply with government instructions, many businesses and offices closed down temporarily. Following this mandatory lockdown, many business owners have become worried about protecting their spaces from vandalism, theft, and other crimes.

In some cases, security concerns might prompt a business owner to check on their businesses occasionally. Since this could violate other restrictions and even increase the risk of contracting COVID-19, it’s safer to install a smart security system.

One such security system is the GVTC Business Security Product that remotely monitors activities on your business premises. With this, you can keep an eye on what’s happening at your business without stepping outside your home.

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