Ways to Give Back

One or two acts of kindness are necessary to heal humanity’s scar from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

They don’t have to involve grand gestures like emptying your coffers. It can be as simple as teaching your skill for free or donating a few cans of soup.

Since 2019, about 1.3 million nonprofit organizations in America have rendered services to society, from donating food and money to low-income households to giving heavy discounts on products and services—the list is endless.

Thankfully, people are adapting, and life is gradually getting to how it once was. So the question now is, how have you helped?

With more than seven billion people surviving the coronavirus pandemic, it becomes necessary to contribute to the welfare of society. Let people around you know that you’ve got their backs.

This article will discuss the ways you can give back to society in your little way.

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Give Food to Those in Need

Did you know? One in four Americans skip meals, rely on food banks, pantries, or coupons to feed? Your donations might very well be their saving grace.

You can give food to vulnerable communities through our Thanksgiving Giveback Project. Every year, The GVTC Foundation distributes Thanksgiving meals to families who can’t afford them. 

We partner with local food pantries to identify families truly in need and provide meals that include a whole frozen turkey and the traditional fixings.

You can support our organization by volunteering your services and donating non-perishable items. You may also help us with costs by donating grocery coupons.

Round Up for Change iconReady to Give Back? — Enroll in the Round-Up for Change Program

Now that you’re ready to give back to your community, a great place to start is by signing up for the Round-Up for Change program

When you join the program, you agree to round up your monthly billing statement to a whole dollar. These cents are donated to the GVTC Foundation each month and used to fund scholarships and grants for deserving students in our service area. 

For less than a dollar monthly, you too can make a difference in the lives of our youth and the community as a whole.


Spend your time for a worthy cause by volunteering. Such labor is one of the most effective methods to improve our communities. 

According to a United Nations Volunteers report, over one billion people volunteer worldwide, amounting to over 109 million full-time hours. These volunteers work in diverse settings, effecting social change.

This means that people can make a difference in several ways. Here are some of them:

Clean the Community

A look around your community will show you places that can improve with a bit of cleaning. Areas with litter and dirty graffiti reflect poorly on those who live there.

If such sights irritate you, consider joining a group or organization committed to keeping the city clean. And if such groups or organizations don’t exist around you, feel free to create your own and seek help from friends and family.

By picking the trash or neatly painting over wall graffiti, you reduce pollution, encourage cleanliness, and perform valuable community service.


About 34.2 million American caregivers provide free or unpaid care services to adults aged 50 and older. That means you won’t be alone if you choose to follow this line of action. 

A little act of kindness could mean a lot to the elderly, from helping them with their gardens to crossing the road or helping them with groceries.

You’re giving back to an older generation who once gave their own time for the good of society, thus continuing a circle of social community service.


Children, including teenagers and younger, need help with making decisions. It could be as simple as schoolwork or life-altering, like making career choices.

Mentoring activities leave a significant impact on children and can be a gratifying social change project, regardless of where you volunteer your services.

You could choose to teach children how to recycle used materials, such as plastics. This impacts the environment as well because it reduces pollution and dependency on natural resources.

Cater for the Homeless

Volunteering at homeless shelters and soup kitchens are other ways to give back to society. Organizations with already established structures for homeless people are always in need of volunteers with diverse skillsets.

You can volunteer with them to make an impact.

Help the Sick

Organizations like the Red Cross are popular for helping the sick and can be a good starting point for you too.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got medical experience or not; there are many other tasks you could help with, such as running errands or driving patients to appointments.

At the end of it all, you’ll leave fulfilled because you’d have improved people’s lives.

Support Local Businesses

Are you thinking of going grocery shopping? Dump the big stores several miles away, and support the smaller businesses owned by locals around you.

By doing so, you’re motivating them to do better in their businesses and give room for collective community growth.

Donate to Charity

One creative way to donate to charity is to organize a fund-raiser for your preferred organization. Sure, it’s okay to donate money if you have enough to spare, but fund-raisers are way fun and get many people involved.

Here are fun ways to raise funds for charity:

  • Host a bake sale
  • Launch a competition on social media, and have members of your community partake.
  • Do a charitable raffle
  • Schedule a walkathon or race

Of course, there are many other things you can do; just get creative. All that matters is you’re making an impact by donating not just money but your time.

Teach a Skill for Free

What do you do or are skilled at? 

Perhaps you’re an expert in the finance sector? You could teach about investing in the stock market or saving for retirement at a local high school or community college. 

Are you good at public speaking? You might be able to help young professionals by acting as a mentor. Sometimes, what you do for fun but are insanely good can serve as ideas. This could be painting, writing, or even coaching a kiddies sports team. 

Think deeply about the skills you’ve garnered over the years, and pass them on to others for free. 

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