5 Virtual Hangout Ideas to Pass the Time

If you’ve started counting sheep mid-day to pass time, or are driving around the neighborhood to “get out,” it’s time to spice things up. Practicing social distancing by staying home sounded glorious at the beginning - what with endless NetflixⓇ episodes to watch and your bed ten feet from the kitchen. In reality, though, being a couch potato is only fun for so long….

We’re social creatures after all. As great as technology is these days, we still need more than Siri to talk to. That’s why we’ve created a list of 5 virtual hangout ideas to pass the time with friends and family.

Use the Internet to reconnect with those you miss most.

1. Cook dinner together.

GettyImages-636783578Meals are always better when you’re with friends or family. That’s why this activity is #1 for us. Food brings people closer together, so we’ve come up with a fun way to close the distance at dinner (or any meal for that matter).

Try cooking dinner together via your favorite video chat (FaceTime, House Party, Zoom, etc.), but make it interesting. Take stock of what’s in your kitchen and compare the ingredients with what your friend/family member has lying around, too. You can choose to tackle the same dish or swap your favorite recipes. Either way, you’ll be full of both food and belly laughs by the end.

2. Have a virtual game night.

Do you remember when everyone played Words With Friends on their phone? Bring that back, but this time, create a group video chat with friends at the same time to turn it into a virtual game night. Or, if Scrabble was never your thing, explore alternative multiplayer apps or Facebook Instant Games to replace your game of solitaire these days with a little more socializing and a little less distancing.

giraffe.jpg3. Visit the zoo (or museum or theme park) online.

Earlier, we joked about taking a drive around the neighborhood to get out of the house. But just like NetflixⓇ, when you’ve seen every pothole and mailbox in your subdivision twice, it’s time to move on to something new. Thankfully, many institutions that normally thrive off tourism have created virtual tours to keep the magic alive for their beloved exhibits.

You can now take free virtual tours of zoos, world-famous museums, and iconic theme parks all from the comfort of your own home. It’s time we get back to some semblance of normal, and these (virtual) trips are sure to bring you closer.

4. Host a Virtual Book Club.

Before you skip this one, know that it’s not a “mom” thing. Books are making a come back, and you’d be surprised how the right one could suck you in with a compelling plot twist. Try to host a virtual book club with friends and family, or if that sounds like too much work, simply join an online book club already catered to your favorite genres.

You can return to a classic like To Kill a Mockingbird or switch it up with one of the most popular books published in 2019. Your options are endless - even more so than your options for movies.

5. Take an online workout class with friends.

GettyImages-1165505236If you’re starting to go stir-crazy, we may know why. Gyms were one of the first businesses to close due to obvious reasons. But it’s still important - and easier than ever  - to maintain your fitness sans gym. 

Life’s all about balance. Don’t feel bad about quarantine snacking anymore! Simply pivot from your old normal and try a new way to stay active. You could run/walk around your neighborhood once a day, or you could take an online workout class with friends. While the former sounds less intimidating, there are hundreds of free online fitness courses available to reconnect you with both your body and loved ones.

Many gyms are offering virtual workout courses to their members until they open again, but if you don’t subscribe to a gym, YouTube workout videos are your best resource. Grab a mat or towel, video chat your go-to workout buddy, and give it a go. At the very least you can say you tried!

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