Tips to Boost Team Morale While WFH

Virtual meetings, improvised workspaces, and glitchy WiFi connections are becoming a norm for employees working from home due to COVID-19. While some staffers might decide to stay home and self-quarantine, other offices like Google implemented a complete work-from-home policy.

There are pros and cons to both remote and in-office work, however, as it stands many employers are having to learn ways to keep the spirit of their companies alive through this unprecedented time.

The most crucial thing is to focus on the goal and vision of the company and also keep your team morale high. That said, here are some useful tips to boost team morale while working from home.

Stay in Touch

As a leader or manager, yoVirtual_Conferenceu need to let your employees know that you are still there for them if they need help with anything. Out of sight shouldn't be out of mind in this case. The best way to stay in touch while working from home is to spend time with your staff. Though this has to be done virtually, it's more about committing some time to them.

Also, make sure some of that time is not spent talking about deadlines and targets. Think of something outside of work. This doesn't only build and maintain your relationship with your staff, but it also shows that you care about their wellbeing. Sure, you may be facing your own challenges as a manager adjusting to the work-from-home policy. Still, if you can take out a few minutes for your employees, you'll help boost their morale.

Constant Recognition

Noticing and appreciating someone's hard work is a fantastic way to boost morale. Even more, this has a more significant impact when working from home; your staff might feel like their efforts have been unnoticed since they're not there to get a "thank you" in person. Hence, you should always seize the opportunity to recognize your staff for doing a great job.

Also, it’s a good idea to let your staff know the impact their work has on the business' bigger picture. This tells them how valuable their work is to the company, and that you notice them.

Appreciation and recognition, no matter how little, always help to boost morale no matter where your team is located. But, it does a lot more with teams working from home.

Maintain a Great Sense of Humor

Video_MeetingTimes are hard; nobody is disputing that. But, maintaining a great sense of humor is a great way to keep your teams' spirits up.

Try including a bit of humor in your daily communications, testing out an “ice breaker” at the beginning of meetings, or sharing old stories to distract from the reality of today. While doing this, you should remain respectful and don't joke about the virus itself. This will put a smile on your staffs' face.

Remember, “All work and no play….”

Maybe you had a break room at the office where people can de-stress and mingle to keep morale high. But, it's a different situation when working from home, and teammates tend to miss the fun they had at work.

The phrase "all work and no play...." comes into play in this situation. And, it can have a drastic impact on the morale and wellbeing of your team.

Encourage social activities among those working from home. Some of the activities you would usually do at the office can be done virtually as well, so try to encourage them at least once a week. Things like hosting a virtual fitness competition where you track steps for a month or a company-wide virtual meeting to sing Happy Birthday to employees are great ways to get people involved.

Make Learning and Development A Priority

Employees can easily feel stagnant in their careers when working from home; they might even feel like they lack opportunities. Hence, to boost their morale, you can create opportunities for them to learn and develop.

A great way to do this is by utilizing e-learning platforms or developing internal education courses. They can take training sessions that work with their schedule. 

Employee_ReconitionYou boost your team morale this way by not only letting them know you value them but also by invest in their education.

Encourage Actual Breaks

With the implementation of WFH, the boundary between home and work has blurred. Good advice would be to communicate with employees to take needed breaks from their computers.

To keep morale high and also maintain productivity, your team needs to take regular breaks throughout the day. So, encourage them to carve out time to recharge.

Always Ask for Feedback

Though your team members are not in the office, it doesn't mean they don't have opinions about what's happening in the company. In fact, now may be the best time yet to get their feedback on company-related topics.

Having open communication lets your employees know that their voices are being heard. Plus, you can easily fish out any issues before they become a much bigger problem.

To Wrap It Up

Working from home is becoming the new norm, and if trends are any indicator, this way of working won’t change any time soon. So, it's best to adjust accordingly and make sure your team morale is at the best it could be.

One key element of maintaining productivity while working from home is a great internet connection. Luckily, GVTC Premium WiFi gives you a powerful internet service to keep you connected. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and get started right away!

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