Take Charge of Your Household with the GVTC WiFi App

wifi-network-usage-tnMeet the GVTC WiFi App — an all-in-one solution to take charge of your household. From customizing your network names to deactivating the kids' screen time with a click of a button, our app brings you one step closer to having full control over your home. The free, easy-to-use mobile application lets subscribers set up a guest WiFi network, provide basic policy management, and associate devices in the network to household members. 

Even better - you can pair your devices with any of our other GVTC Apps for the full Smart Home experience. See below for the full list of features and download the app today from the Apple App or Google Play Store. Set up takes only a few minutes, and once registered, you have control of your home and devices in the palm of your hands!

  • Parental Controls

    • With ExperienceIQ: Enhanced Parental Controls, you can set profiles, content filters, screen time limits, and view network usage, so children learn on child-appropriate sites, apps, and devices. For example, these controls can allow you to schedule your child’s school day and make sure they only have access to specific materials during school hours . For just $3.95 a month, you can add this excellent service to help keep an eye out on your children’s device usage.
  • Virus Protection

    • GVTC is now offering our ProtectIQ: Network Security services free with Fiber or Calix router for GVTC Premium WiFi customers. Protect IQ protects all connected devices in the home from malware, viruses, and malicious cyber attacks. It also alerts you when a threat is blocked and on what device and provides a status report on updates, any viruses detected, total intrusions, and web threats.
  • Guest WiFi Access

    • With the GVTC WiFi App, you can set up a network specifically for your guests and send it to them before they even arrive. With a simple click of a button, you can create an event, password, and start to end time that you would like to share your network on. Once you accept and save the guest network settings, a contact list will automatically pop up so you can email a link directly to your guests for easy WiFi access when they arrive. Navigate back to the main screen, and you have the option to edit, delete, or send the network information to additional guests.
  • Bandwidth Test

    • You can perform a speed and latency test on your network directly from the GVTC WiFi App. This test will run first between your connected system and the internet. If you have a mesh unit, it will then conduct a test between your mesh and the primary system. A test signal is sent to the nearest speed test server in your area and returns results to your app as a notification update shown on the main dashboard. Knowing that your network is operating as expected doesn't get any easier than that!
  • Change WiFi Password

    • Securing your WiFi provides peace of mind in keeping others from using your network. To rename your WiFi network, set the security for your network, or reset your password, simply click the SSID option in the app's menu and choose the option you want to make your changes. Make sure to create a unique and easily remembered password when opting to rename your network. Once you save the new password, you will see the new SSID show up with and then you can connect all your devices to it. 
  • Manage Connected Devices

    •  Knowing all the devices linked to your network is imperative to ensure your network does not get compromised. The GVTC WiFi App makes it easy and straightforward to find out this information. To identify your devices, all you need to do is select the devices button on the app and then select a category. From this view, you can see basic information about each WiFi connected device on your network. You can also see each device’s signal’s strength and how it is connected to your network.

Are you ready to embrace the future of WiFi today? Take the chance! Shop gvtc.com. Sign-up for our internet and The GVTC WiFi App is included at no extra cost! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

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