Clean up your Network by knowing what is connected to your WiFi!

Spring is finally here, and you know what that means… it is time to start your spring cleaning! Many people are getting ready to organize their houses, rearrange their closets, and empty out their garages, but did you know your WiFi network should be cleaned as well?  With all the devices we have in our homes nowadays, it is hard to know which are connected to the WiFi network! Knowing all the devices linked to your network is imperative to ensure your network does not get compromised. The GVTC WiFi App makes it easy and straightforward to find out this information. 

To identify your devices, all you need to do is select the devices button on the app and then select a category. From this view, you can see basic information about each WiFi-connected device on your network. You can also see each device’s signal’s strength and how it is connected to your network. If you’d like additional details on a device, you can click on it and rename it if necessary. 


Your app also gives you the ability to remove WiFi access for individual devices. This feature will come in handy for putting restrictions on your children’s tablets or removing unrecognized devices from your network. Knowing what devices are on your network keeps you in control and allows you to manage any security issues. Keep your devices safe, and download the app today!

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