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fusetv-bannerb539415c75fa6aee84f3ff00004a7f7eBefore we get into why you still need a DVR, you may be wondering, “what is a DVR?” DVR stands for digital video recorder, and the first one was released by TiVo in 1999. These digital recording devices can be used to record and store content directly from your television provider. With a DVR, you can record multiple shows at once while watching a completely different show. And best of all, they don’t depend on WiFi.

Reasons you need a DVR…

1.  Record everything

If you are already paying for a full cable package, filled with all the sports, movies, and specialty channels you can imagine, there is no way you can catch everything you want to watch when it airs. With a DVR, you no longer need to choose between conflicting shows. Just set your DVR to record the program you’re going to miss and watch it at a later time. Also, with presets, you never have to worry about missing an episode of your favorite show ever again. Simply program your DVR to record it. 

2. Skip the ads

Does anyone even like commercials? And with many of the streaming platforms using commercials too, there really is no way to escape those pesky ads, unless you have a DVR. With a DVR, you can simply skip past all those annoying advertisements and get right back to your favorite show. 

3. Pause live TV

Pausing, fast-forwarding, and rewinding may seem like no big deal, especially in the world of streaming platforms. But what about live TV? Although pausing when you need to take a bathroom break or rewinding something because you didn’t hear exactly what a character said is normal on platforms like Netflix and Hulu, oftentimes when airing live tv, like award shows or sports games, through a streaming platform, those options don’t exist. However, with a DVR and your cable plan, you can hit pause on any show you want whenever you want. 

4. No wait

While you may be able to purchase episodes of your favorite primetime show from an app, or many channels may release new episodes the next day online, with a DVR, you don’t have to wait. If you’re going to be a few minutes late to catch a new episode of your favorite show, simply set your DVR to record it, and you can start enjoying that episode as soon as you get home (or at your convenience, no rush). 

5. No internet lag

Even with the best internet, if you live somewhere where you need to share the internet with multiple people, between video games, online browsing, updating social media, and everyone streaming their favorite shows, your internet can get bogged down. And is there anything worse than a laggy internet signal when trying to watch your favorite show? With a DVR that’s no longer a problem. Because DVRs aren’t dependent on WiFi, you’ll never have to worry about buffering and slow load times when watching back your recorded shows. 

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