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You are a busy bee, juggling back-to-back meetings at work, the kids’ school and social calendar, keep a pristine decent home, and sometimes even manage to squeeze in some much-needed me-time. Sound familiar to you? Then pat yourself in the back because you are rocking life in the 21st century. And, while some would argue that we have it easier than previous generations with convenience at our fingertips, the fact that we don’t have to chase and pluck a chicken for dinner doesn’t mean life hasn’t gotten more demanding by the minute. After all, with so much technological advancement, the expectations of how much we can and need to manage to grow daily––and frankly speaking that can be taxing sometimes.

With all the hustle and bustle of modern times, we depend on technology to just work, especially when it comes to WiFi. We’re not spoiled for hating long download times, we simply don’t have the time nor energy for things to go wrong when there are 500 million other things to get done by EOD (end of the day). GVTC recognizes and respects you working hard, so we work harder to ensure while you juggle 99 things and problems on a daily basis, that WiFi (as Jay-Z famously sang) ain’t one.

WiFi 6 router with access pointsOur WiFi Mesh Capable router is designed to make your life simpler by removing one less thing for you to worry about. That old saying about when things are too good to be true can be shelved for another time because it does not apply here! Life with GVTC Premium WiFi is just better. How? Because it’s easier. To illustrate how Mesh WiFi capabilities solve all your problems…okay, your WiFi problems, picture the following common yet irritating scenarios.


Work was stressful, traffic on I-35 was abominable, and the kids are on one today ––in the name of your sanity, you need a minute to yourself and you need it ASAP! Now as parents, we all know being within sight is no safe-zone, so the pantry, laundry room, or bathroom on the other end of the house instantaneously turns into a little sanctuary of peace and quiet. If you could just hide, take a breath and scroll through Facebook or watch a funny video for two minutes, you can regain the strength to return to battle. Unfortunately, that corner bathroom with a lock is far from your router and not enough signal reaches the room to even upload a funny gif. Forget about screaming in frustration, our new WiFi Mesh capable router allows you to create access points throughout your house so that your sanctuary bathroom at the end of the hall remains just that, with a good enough connection to watch a funny video before going back to reality.

Sure, there’s also the option to purchase a fancy network extender to extend the connection to areas away from the router, but do you really want to shell out more money for a solution that makes you do more work? We think not! Extenders are a SUB alternative to Mesh networks because they don’t actually create an extension of your network, they create a whole new different one. –It sounds like a deceiving name if you ask us! What that means to you is that you must either manually switch to it when using, or if sharing SSID most devices aren’t smart enough to switch between router and extender, causing the signal to be affected. Mesh networks, on the other hand, provide you a seamless experience as you move around hour house. And as we all know, the best kind of WiFi connection is the kind you don’t have to think about.


101 Dalmatians = good, 101 connected devices = not so good. Between your television, Amazon Alexa, cellphones, computers, tablets, and all other connected devices, you’re probably splitting your connection too thin and slowing down your speeds. Not to mention the other devices that can interfere with your signals such as baby monitors,Multiple Smart Devices microwaves, and other unavoidable household necessities. Truth be told though, we need the ability to be connected to a lot of devices at the same time and are somewhat unwilling to compromise here. Luckily, you don’t have to! Mesh Networks do a better job of spreading the signal throughout the house and balancing the connection should one access point be slowed down. It is simply a more efficient process that automatically switches you to a different frequency should you need it, which compensates for interference's and slower speeds for you to have more leeway with the number of devices in your home. So, instead of sacrificing the baby monitor to binge watch that new show on HBO (not that you’d ever do that), our new WiFi 6 enabled Mesh Capable router delivers your both faster and more efficient speeds to get you through all of season two while simultaneously checking to make sure the kids are doing what they should be doing.


Mayhem is in the building! Your little one caught the seasonal flu and you need to work from home. You have 15 minutes to prep for an important call with your boss and need to pull some last-minute reports for visual aide, but since today is not your day, your internet speeds are at glacial pace and you have 2 minutes left to load all the data needed to look like the prepared professional you really are. If only there was a hero! GVTC Premium WiFi comes to the rescue in more ways than one. For starters, our new devices come WiFi 6 enabled, which is the latest version for wireless network transmissions with faster speeds, that can be up to 30% faster than the previous versions. That can be the difference between pulling your last-minute stats report and look like a boss in front of your boss, or having dropped calls due to slow internet connection. You work hard, so shouldn’t your WiFi work hard for you? GVTC’s Premium WiFi does, providing you with an unmatched WiFi experience and saving both our day and your possible upcoming promotion.

Endless problems and tasks to juggle become a little easier when your WiFi works so well, you can forget about it. You deal with enough on the daily basis to worry about slow connection when you’re already paying for premium internet speeds, so let GVTC Premium Wifi experience with Mesh capable router work for you and bid adieu to the unnecessary stress from your internet struggles. We can’t promise to solve all our life problems, but we can guarantee you the best coverage from anywhere in your home so you can get things done and handle life’s reoccurring problems like the modern champ you are meant to be.

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