How Your Smart Home Devices Can Help You Go Green

Intelligent home technologies make our lives easier and the planet safer.

Smart devices that automatically regulate your home's temperature, lights, sprinklers, and carry out other functions help you save energy and reduce environmental pollution.

Look at our habits:

Our electricity and heating systems contribute to climate change every day. In one report, leaving lights on and using incandescent bulbs top the list of American households' energy-wasting habits.

So you might be considering a change.

And here's how:

You can lower your utility bills, energy use, and carbon footprint, without compromising your energy needs, by using smart devices.


Traditional electrical devices are not eco-friendly. They pollute our air and support global warming, leaving us worse off in the long run. Whereas using smart devices gives you both personal comfort and planetary safety.

Let's discuss how your smart home devices can help you go green.

smart homeSmart Home Solutions That Help You Go Green?

Smart home automation can help you save energy and make your home more eco-friendly. But you might be worried about the cost.

Well, you're in luck because the demand for smart products is rising. As a result, this growing demand for smart home solutions is driving costs down.

So they're more affordable now.

Let's explore some smart home devices you may want to consider.

GVTC Smart Security System

No matter the smart device you use, safety comes first. What's the point of having a smart device when intruders can just break in and take your belongings.

That's the solution your GVTC connectHome Security solves.

The GVTC smart home security system packs a ton of handy security features.

You can monitor who visits or leaves your home with a real-time remote camera, lock and unlock your doors remotely, and even enable a voice chat remotely—all from your mobile phone.

Also, the video doorbell helps you hold video calls with your kids and allows them into the house when they get home.

Although the connectHome can help you stop a porch pirate before they steal your Amazon purchases, it can also do things like

  • Regulate your home temperature
  • Control your lights
  • Help your children access the house safely when they return home
  • Control your appliances remotely
  • keep seniors in your care safe from danger
  • Prevent unintentional flooding of your home

And other benefits you'll find here.

Intelligent Temperature Control

Heating and air conditioning account for more than half of the energy we consume in our homes, according to the United States Energy Information Administration.

Also, according to the National Park Service, setting your thermostat three degrees lower in the winter and three degrees higher in the summer can reduce carbon emissions by around 1,050 pounds each year.

You can regulate your home remotely with a smart thermostat like the Nest Learning Thermostat. Nest can learn your home's temperature preferences and design an energy-saving schedule for you. It generates a report that shows how much energy you consume and save.

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat is another option. It includes built-in voice control and works with Amazon, Apple, and Google smartphones and smart devices.

Make sure the smart thermostat you choose works with your heating and cooling systems.

Smart Lighting

Smart lights allow you to manage the lighting inside and outside your home using a smartphone app or a control panel. Use their motion sensors to switch on lights only when someone is in the room to save electricity.

You may also save energy by programming your lights to switch on and off at specific times. Another alternative is to control some lights with a smart plug.

Smart home systems also give you the ability to track your house's energy consumption and make modifications to lessen your carbon footprint and save money.

Energy management systems, help monitor your home's power usage so you may figure out which systems, appliances, or devices are consuming the most energy and subsequently limit their use, especially during peak electricity pricing periods.

Upgrade your light bulbs to smart LEDs for features that help you save energy while also making your home safer.


A smart irrigation system can help you save thousands of gallons of water each year as well as hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars. Cyber Rain systems are adaptable to any size yard and can be controlled and monitored from any Internet-connected device.

Cyber Rain is a system that checks the weather forecast for you and automatically adjusts the watering schedule using the rain report. So it conserves water and saves you money. Cyber-Rain users, according to the company's website, cut their water consumption by 35% on average.

Treatments for the windows

By using smart window treatment systems to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, you can cut down on your home's HVAC energy consumption.

You can, for example, schedule window shades or blinds to close during the hottest portion of the day to keep your house cool and reduce air conditioning use.

You can, on the other hand, program shades to open during the day if you're trying to warm a cold house without turning on the heat.

More Smart Home Devices To Help You Go Green

We continue to adopt earth-friendly technologies that combat climate change.

So you might want to start by monitoring how much energy you consume with a Sense Home Energy Monitor. And then use a Lifx Color LED Bulb to lower your footprint.

Let's look at more ways you can help our planet become healthier.

Sense Home Energy Monitor

This monitors how your home's electricity is used and can be connected to a circuit breaker.

Lifx Color LED Bulbs

This is a set of WIFI-connected lamps that can be controlled via a smartphone app or smart hubs.


WaterHawk low flow showerhead cut down your average water usage.

It has a hydraulic-powered LED display that shows you how much water you've used in your shower and also the temperature of the water.

Google's Nest Protect

This smart device can automatically detect smoke and other harmful situations and alert emergency personnel.

When it detects smoke, Google's Nest Protect sends alerts to a smartphone.

Go Green with Your Smart Home Devices

Although most people are still invested in non-smart devices, that narrative is changing fast. More people are becoming environmentally aware and letting their home appliances reflect that awareness by shopping for smart home devices.

The GVTC connectHome lets you solve your security and safety concerns with smart devices that inform you of events and help you respond in real-time. But, as we discussed, the connectHome can do much more than keep your home safe.

So, in addition to providing you with highly functional smart home solutions, GVTC gives you the supporting internet connection to make these devices work. Now you have the best of both worlds to go green with your smart home devices.

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