Meet GVTC's Current Board of Directors!

GVTC owes much of its growth and transformation in the telecommunications industry to the top innovators who lead us, and our esteemed Board of Directors (BOD). From the inception of the cooperative, the BOD has played an integral role in securing our long-term viability and navigating the ever-changing landscape of the industry. Their specialized skills and leadership have set GVTC apart and enabled us to outpace our competitors.

The GVTC Board of Directors is comprised of 15 directors, all of whom are GVTC members, and each serves on behalf of the designated GVTC district in which they reside. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and we rely on their guidance and strategic direction to steer our organization toward continued success.

Meet GVTC's Current Directors:


Chuck Knibbe- Chairman - District II

George Steinke- Vice Chairman - District I
Alan Buxkemper -Secretary/Treasurer - District IV


Jameson (Jamey) Arnold- Director - District II


Robert (Bob) Baron- Director - District I


Susan Bogle- Director - District IV
richard (1)
Richard Elkins- Director - District III


Scott Kramer- Director - District III


Kevin Owens- Director - District III
Mike Scott- Director - District II
Tony Spears- Director - District V
Clint Swindall- Director - District II
Rita P. Wenthold- Director - District III


Rhonda Zunker- Director - District II
Lorie Winkler- Director - District II

Chairman & Director of District II, Chuck Knibbe

Chuck Knibbe has served on the GVTC Board since 1992 and as Chairman since 1996. Some of his duties include serving as ex-officio member of the Audit/Finance, Safety, Governance, Long Range Planning, and Executive Committees. Chuck has been integral in transforming GVTC into a full-service communications provider from its phone-only roots.

His lifelong experience encompasses over 28 years in investment banking and seats on major local boards. Chuck is a true local contributor, and him, his wife of 53 years, Sharon, their two children and grandchildren are lifelong residents of Spring Branch.

Secretary/Treasurer & Director of District IV, Alan Buxkemper

Alan Buxkemper has served on the GVTC Board since 2005 and as the Secretary/Treasurer since 2015. He serves on the Executive, Safety, and Governance Committees, utilizing his skills in retail operations and human resources to provide invaluable strategic leadership.

Over the years, Mr. Buxkemper has overseen and managed all aspects of Lowe's Pay and Save operations to ensure customer service and operational consistency throughout the grocery chain. Alan and his wife, Tracy, reside in Canyon Lake.

Director of District II, James Arnold

Jameson (Jamey) Arnold has served on the GVTC Board since 2004, acting as member of the Safety and Long Range Planning committees as well as the Chairman of GVTC's wholly-owned subsidiary, Guadalupe Valley Enterprise. His skills and experience as a professional contractor make him uniquely valuable to helping GVTC succeed in a competitive market.

James is now a retired Commercial General Contractor, and with his wife, Kimberly, five daughters and two grandsons, is a longtime resident of Texas.

Director of District I, Bob Baron

Robert (Rob) Baron has served on the GVTC Board for District I for 14 years, holding positions on both the Governance Committee and the Safety Committee. Bob's technical engineering background and professional experience make him a valuable contributor to the success of GVTC.

He is now retired after over 32 years as an engineering professional and resides in Spring Branch, Texas, with his wife.

Director of District IV, Susan Bogle

Susan Bogle has been a dedicated Director of the GVTC Board since 2013, serving on the Long Range Planning, Governance and Executive Committees. She also serves as the Vice Chairman of the Board for GVTC's wholly-owned subsidiary, Guadalupe Valley Enterprises. Her professional experience, business acumen, extensive board experience and community knowledge make her a strong and effective contributor to GVTC's success.

Longtime residents, Susan and her husband, Jack, moved to Canyon Lake in 2001 and enjoy the quality of life, rich heritage and close-knit community it provides.

Director of District II, Lori Winkler

Lorie Winkler was elected to the GVTC Board in 2021. Lorie has a background of leading professionals overseeing a variety of operational functions, including payroll, tax, financial reporting, and accounting. For the past ten years, she has led teams in the Internal Audit function for USAA and currently leads the talent management initiatives for internal audit. 

In her community, Lori supports Provisions, Bulverde Spring Branch Activity Center, and local water conservation programs. She and her husband, Brent, have lived in Bulverde for over 25 years, raising their two children, both Smithson Valley High School graduates.

Director of District III, Richard Elkins

Richard Elkins has served on the GVTC Board since 2011 and currently serves on the Governance Committee and as Chairman of the Audit/Finance Committee. His board and business experience in various industries, including telecommunication and security, makes him an asset to GVTC.

All in all, Richard brings more than 30 years of business, engineering, and financial experience to our team, as well as deep ties to the community - currently serving as Kendall County Commissioner of Pct. 2. He and his wife, Pat, reside with their four children in Spring Branch.

Director of District III, Kevin Owens

Kevin was recently elected to the GVTC Board in 2022 as a Director in District III. He also currently serves as a director on the board for his local POA. Kevin has 40 years of Oil and Gas Industry experience, 32 of which were in several international locations. This diverse background in Operations, Supply Chain, Engineering, Information Technology, Security, and Project Management has equipped him well to serve on the board.

Kevin and his wife of 38 years, Dana, have resided in rural Boerne since 2014. Kevin and Dana now reside here permanently after Kevin retired from Chevron in 2020.

Director of District III, Scott Kramer

Scott Kramer, elected in 2019 to the GVTC Board, serves on the Audit/Finance and Safety Committee. His career in semiconductor manufacturing technology at IBM, Lam Research, SEMATECH, and Mattson Technologies and leadership skills as a corporate executive make him the perfect candidate to advise on the Board.

Scott resides in rural Kendall County, along the Guadalupe River, with three generations of family.

Director of District II, Mike Scott

Mike has served on the Board of GVTC for the last eight years. He is Chairman of the Long Range Planning Committee and is a member of the GVTC Safety Committee, the 401k Committee, and the R&S Committee. 

President of BuiltSmart Resources, LLC. Mike specialized in zero-energy custom homes and ecologically friendly living that's made him with exceptionally valuable for our growing area. Mike, his wife Nita, and their daughter have resided in Bulverde since 2001 and are active members of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Bulverde.

Director of District V, Tony Spears

Tony Spears is Director of District V for the GVTC Board and currently serves on the Audit/Finance and Safety Committees. In addition to serving on the BOD, Tony serves on the Board of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, harnessing his experience in the cattle industry to lend fruitful advice.

For the past 23 years, Tony Spears has lived on his ranch in the Delhi Community (Saturn Exchange), where he operates a registered cattle operation. His interests include outdoor activities and spending quality time with his family.

Director of District I, George Steinke

As a GVTC co-op member for over 30 years, George Steinke has served as a GVTC Board for many years. He serves as the chairman of the Long-Range Planning Committee as well as sits on the Executive and Finance/Audit committees. George has over 30 years of management and marketing experience with technology companies, bringing a first-hand look at industry shifts to the table.

Currently, George is president of Winrock Ventures, a management consulting company he founded in 1998, that specializes in developing strategy, marketing and sales programs for companies.

Director of District II, Clint Swindall

Clint Swindall currently serves on the GVTC Board of Directors as the chairman of the Governance Committee. He is also a member of the Long Range Planning and Executive committees, serves as the Board Chaplain as well as the Secretary of GVTC’s wholly owned subsidiary, Guadalupe Valley Enterprise.

Currently, he is president & CEO of Verbalocity, Inc., a personal development company with a focus on leadership enhancement, and resides in Bulverde, Texas with his wife.

Director of District III, Rita Wenthold

Rita P. Wenthold, CPA, and Russell, her husband of 37 years, have been loyal GVTC Members since building their home in Fair Oaks Ranch, Kendall County, in 2006. Rita was elected as a Director for District III of the GVTC Board in 2018. She was subsequently chosen to serve on the Audit/Finance Committee and Long Range Planning Committee based on her background.

Trailblazing her professional career, Rita started her own tax practice after years of experience as a CPA, and has helped build from the ground up great customer service at H-E-B and Harland Clarke Holdings. 

Director of District II, Rhonda Zunker

Rhonda Zunker has served on the GVTC board since 2011 and serves on the Audit/Finance and Governance Committees. She believes her 36 years of banking experience, prior board experience, commitment to the community, and service to the various Comal County non-profit organizations will allow her to continue to serve GVTC and its members very well in the future.

Currently, she is the President of the Bulverde/Spring Branch Area Chamber of Commerce, and prior to joining the Chamber in 2013, she was the Market Manager of the Broadway Bank - Bulverde Banking Center. Today, she lives on a family ranch in the Bulverde area since 2001.

Director Positions up for election in 2023:

District I, Position 1 - George Steinke

District II, Position 3- Jameson Arnold

District II, Position 5 - Clint Swindall

District III, Position 1 - Richard Elkins

District V, Position 1 - Tony Spears

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