A Phone Call Can Mean Everything

It’s no news that we live in a fast-paced world. Technological and social changes have become the norm. We expect them to happen even when we’re not prepared for them.

A large population of the world is literate, so written communication has become quite popular. This rise in text-based communication has followed technological advancements like broadband and digital devices.

Social media, email, messaging apps and other text-based channels come out tops on our communication medium. Although a lot more texting happens than call, on average, an American makes or answers six calls every day.

America had over 255.2 million adults above age 18 in 2019. That figure means Americans make About 560 billion calls a year.

Since most people reserved phone calls for more serious issues, it’s clear that a phone call can easily mean everything.

Come along as we explore ten scenarios where a phone call could mean everything.

1. Keeping Touch with Loved Ones

When was the last time you had a lengthy conversation with a loved one over the phone? Nowadays, phone conversations have turned to quick calls, followed by texts. But that's probably not enough.


Phone can help you relive your childhood where you used to have long, interesting phone conversations with your loved ones and friends. Plus, calls help you stay in touch and even catch up on what's been happening with people you care about.

Grab a seat, dial that number, and have a drink while doing so. Plus, unlike webcam calls, you're not tied up to a spot all day. You can always walk around and get other things done while talking.

2. Acting on Security Events

Phone calls are one of the most important things you can use if there's a security emergency.

In a security situation your phone might as well be the one thing that saved your life.

Whether it is,

We've seen cases of people's location being tracked from just a phone call when they were in danger. Whether it's a home invasion or you're being robbed on the street, a phone call is the quickest way to get someone to help. Even more, phony calls to order pizza can alert the police in cases of domestic violence. a phone call can save the day: an intruder, trapped inside of your house, or you got stranded in the wrong part of town.

Even in situations where you are not at home, having services like GVTC connectHome can help you monitor what's happening at home. So, if there's an issue, you can easily call for help.

3. Asking for Service Information from Providers

This is undoubtedly another way phone calls become a necessity. Nobody likes stress. So, the more convenient option is always the best.

Let's say you need a particular service; maybe you need to get a pipe fixed or change your locks. Would you rather drive to different shops to ask if they can do what you want or just pick up your phone and call from the comfort of your home? Thought as much!

With a simple phone call, you can contact several service providers and get as much information that you need.

4. Call Friends to Organize Surprise Events for a Loved Ones

Surprise parties are a great way to show love to people you care about. But, you don't want to ruin the surprise by letting them find out about your plans, do you?

Fine, texting is easy. But there's a higher chance of them seeing a text related to the party than when you make phone calls.

Also, let's say you want to invite about 20 people to the event. It's meant to be a secret, right? So, why not call these people and invite them personally. Plus, it shows that you are serious about it.

There might even be cases where you text the wrong person or even the person you're throwing the surprise party for.


This surprise is ruined.

5. Call the Doctor or Hospital

When you have immediate medical help, the best option is to call the 911 or any relevant  local emergency unit. With that phone call,  you can tell them your address, or even if you're unable to, they can track your location from the call.

In 2017, a young boy saved his mother's life by using Siri to call for help. That phone call saved her life.

Even in cases where you don't need immediate medical help, you can call your doctor to book an appointment or for them to answer any questions you might have. This saves you the stress of driving down to the hospital to get the same answers you can get from a phone call.

6. Reach the Fire Service

Say there's been a fire incident. Do you run to the fire station or pick up your phone and call the fire service?

Phone calls are the first thing people think of in situations like this.

With a phone call, the fire services can ask critical questions, give safety directives, and respond faster to the situation. A phone call at this critical point would have prevented the loss of more properties or lives to the fire.

7. Make Phone Orders

Technology has made life a lot easier. Now, you can order from your favorite restaurant without leaving your doorstep. Just find their menu, dial their number, and wait to have your order delivered in minutes.

Even vendors that are not on any e-commerce platform definitely have a phone number. So, you can easily call to place an order from the comfort of your home.

8. Call Your Office On Sick Days

There are some days that your health might not be at its peak, and you work a 9-to-5. You might think of sending a text to the HR or one of your colleagues. But what's the probability that they would see the text on time?

This is why phoning your office to call in sick is your best bet. Plus, a phone call seems more official than a text in some offices. Nobody wants to fall sick and lose their job just because they couldn't make a phone call.

9. Call Home to Give or Get Important Info

Let's say you are far from home and need to pass urgent information to someone. You don't want to send a text and just wait until whenever they see it.

Phone calls suggest urgency. So, if you're looking to get important info, a phone call is the best way to go.

Besides, people might be too busy to check their messages. So, if you send a text, it would most likely gather some dust until later that day or the next day.

10. Remind Attendees to Come for Your Event

So, you have an event coming up, and you've invited a few people. That shouldn't be the end of it. You should always remind them.

Now, you might think sending a text as a reminder is all, but they just might not take it seriously. They might not even see the message on time.

When you call attendees to remind them of your event, it shows some level of seriousness. This way, they can commit to not miss your event for anything.

Wrapping It Up

You see it. This is why half a trillion calls happen every year in America. Yes, a phone call can mean everything.

A phone call can save a life, get you out that tight corner, put a smile on your loved ones' faces, fetch you some food, pull surprises, and lots more.

If you're thinking of the cost, GVTC has different phone offers that allow you to do a lot at affordable rates.

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