7 Tech Tools to Help You Excel at Work

Excelling at work is one thing everyone strives for, whether you're an employee or the CEO of your company. At least - that’s our hope. Several factors could affect your productivity levels at the office. It could be meetings running longer than they should or not knowing how to manage your tasks.

A study published by Atlassian showed that more than 50 percent of employees believe meetings to be the number one productivity killer in the office. On average, most workers spend an hour or two in meetings, bringing it to a total of 31 hours per month. And in most cases, these meetings tend to exceed the allocated time, eating up time otherwise reserved for personal tasks.

Work_MeetingsTechnology has made everything easier for workers, from apps that allow you to minimize distractions, to ones that manage time and projects for you. Here are 7 tech tools that can help you excel at work today:

1. Less Meetings

This tech here might just be your ticket to freeing up your calendar from meetings. The app lets you assign a duration to each topic, share notes, and manage to-do lists in one place. The platform helps you simplify and refocus your meetings, allowing the company to save valuable time for other vital projects.

The platform also allows you to sync with iOS devices, Google Apps, or Outlook for real-time collaboration and accountability. You can also capture and share important minutes and decisions made during the meeting. Less Meetings allows you to sync recurring meetings and maintain accountability. How’s that for productivity.

2. Otter

With Otter, you get to save time and avoid typos while taking notes during briefings and meetings. The tool uses voice-recognition software to take notes in real-time while you concentrate on the discussion going on around you. Think of Otter as the AI-powered assistant that helps you stay productive and on point during work hours.

Otter also allows you to record, play, review, search, edit, organize and share conversations from any device and among other staff members. And since the platform integrates with other services like Zoom, you can import or sync recordings with them. The Live Notes feature allows you to transcribe Zoom meetings as they happen.

3. Evernote

Taking_Meeting_MinutesThis tool allows you to store all sorts of information for later use. It recommends ideas for blog posts, exciting apps to get, restaurants to visit, flight numbers, and more. Evernote works on both desktop and mobile devices, which means you can capture websites and screenshots wherever you are in the world.

The app allows you to manage everything from big projects to personal events with family and friends. You can also track all your tasks and deadlines. Evernote helps you to organize and customize your office notes. You can make checklists, record voice notes, add web clippings, attach files, set reminders for projects nearing deadline, and more.

And if you mistakenly delete a vital note before a big presentation, you can always recover it from the trash icon on the app.

4. Toggl

Track how much time you spend on a project or different tasks with Toggl. This app allows you to review your progress at the end of the day and get things done before a set deadline. The beauty of Toggl is that it's not restricted by any device; it works on both computers, smartphones, and tablets.

This app helps you monitor the number of hours you spend on different tasks at work. And even if you forget about a project, the tracking reminders and idle detection features help you get things done before you miss the deadline. It also integrates your calendar events into time entries and assigns billable rates to your various tasks.

5. Headspace

Research shows that meditating before work improves how we manage our attention, which improves overall productivity. The benefits of meditation are countless. Employers that introduced the activity to their workers claim that meditation increased their productivity by 120 percent and reduced absenteeism by 85 percent.

Headspace helps you to start your day with a variety of meditations and courses to help improve both your professional and private life. The app offers a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing interface that's easy to navigate. The tool provides you with meditation practices that help you focus longer on tasks and during long boring meetings.


6. Asana

Asana provides you with a variety of features that allow you to manage projects in the office. If you're a visual worker, then this tool is for you. It enables you to create visual projects that allow you to map out every step you take over time.

You can also share details and assign tasks to other workers to improve collaboration and accountability. Asana plans and structures daily assignments in a way that suits your specific work habits. The app helps you to follow projects through different stages until it reaches completion.

7. Grammarly

This tool improves how you write emails and communicate with clients. Grammarly ensures that everything you type is clear, precise, and free from mistakes and typos. It also has a Google Chrome extension that allows you to write better, regardless of the platform you're using.

Proofreading every single email or blog post can be tedious some times. And you might not always have time to spare, which is why Grammarly offers the perfect solution for you. The AI-powered writing assistant helps you to compose precise and bold writeups before hitting the send button.

Grammarly allows you to feel confident at work while communicating with clients and partners.

Improve your Work Life

You've seen the various tech tools that can help you improve your professional life. It’s time to figure out the ones that suit your particular needs. None of them, though, will do much good for you without a fast, reliable internet connection like GVTC’s Premium WiFi.

Take the guessing out of how you connect to these apps, and instead focus your time on which one will make you the most productive for work!

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