The Perfect Smart Home

smart-homeWhat do smart people do so well? They listen and respond to information intelligently. And they can think and make smart decisions too.

We all love our smart friends. 

And some of us won’t shy away from having smart kids too.

Speaking of smart, what if you could have a smart home?

Now, what if your home could listen and respond to you intelligently? What if your home could  make your life easier?

How about talking to your appliances and having them respond to you well? Yes, all of this and more is possible. But only if you have a smart home hub that brings everything together.

The Rise of the Smart Home 

Twenty-Eight percent of Americans use voice commands to control their smart devices. And the number of smart homes will exceed 300 million by 2023.

Smart home hubs connect all your smart devices and make them work together to provide you more control. You can control your security locks, lightings, refrigerators, TV, and more.

Americans who use smart home devices in their home save 30 minutes every day on average; that spare time adds up quickly. GVTC connectHome empowers you to enjoy more free time, saving you the headache of rushing back home every time you forgot to turn off the thermostat or lock the doors.

Start Saving Time with connectHome 

 Want to save time? Here are a few ways GVTC connectHome can help:

1. Geofencing

With geofencing technology, your house knows when you're almost home and gets your climate control and lighting ready for you. It may also arm or disarm your home thanks to technology that detects when you're arriving at your house. 

When you create a geofence around your home, you trigger the Home/Away mode depending on if you are inside or outside the specified parameters.

Also, if you set the Away mode to trigger certain scenes, they’ll all happen the instant you leave home. This is especially handy when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to lock the door or close the garage. You can set smart scenes to trigger when Away.

GVTC connectHome2. Smart Scenes

You’d be amazed at how much you can automate these days with the click of a button. One capability GVTC connectHome offers to do just that is smart scenes.

In practice, you’d set smart scenes to help with daily activities. These are instructions that trigger certain tasks based on parameters like time of day, location, and device type. For example, you can trigger the garage door to open as soon as you’re a certain distance from home, or you can schedule your lights to turn off at a specified bedtime.

Setting up smart scenes allows you to put all those mundane tasks on autopilot, so you have more time for what matters most to you.

3. Integrating with Alexa

GVTC connectHome integrates with almost any smart home hub, which expands your customization options. With the Total Connect 2.0 app, an Amazon account, and the Alexa app, you can enable your smart home device to act like another Alexa.

Voice commands make your requests easier and faster. You can use either the default “Ok, Security” voice prompt or “Alexa….” to initiate a command. By using key phrases, you can trigger one-off actions or an entire smart scene.

For instance, if you've created scenes to run when you're away and you say "Ok Security, away," all the devices in that scene would act as they should once you leave your geofence boundaries.

It’d be just like asking a family member to lock up after you. Only better!

Maximize Your Time with GVTC connectHome

You can enjoy your work and keep your family safe at the same time; these desires are not mutually exclusive. With GVTC connectHome the possibilities are endless for how you choose to customize and automate simple tasks to make room for more important ones.

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