Hacks For Faster Online Gaming + WiFi

Gaming for a living is no longer just a fantasy, but a reality for millions of people around the world. E-sports have gained increasing popularity in recent years, and now there are thousands of adults who make six-figure salaries from playing games. From sponsorships to tournaments, there are many ways to make money from gaming. However, to do this you need to make sure you have the right equipment to ensure you have the fastest connection speeds available.

GamingHere are a few tips and hacks for maximizing your potential internet speed (wired or WiFi) on your gaming devices!

  1. Fiber Optic Broadband

A bad internet connection can make it impossible to become a gamer, as it can create a lag that will drastically lower your abilities. Investing in fiber-optic broadband is an essential move for anyone who aspires to be a pro gamer.

Unlike DSL broadband, which uses copper wires, fiber-optic broadband uses cables made of glass or plastic, which are better for conducting data quickly. The cables are also stored underground so they are less likely to be affected by harsh weather conditions. This super-fast internet will allow you to game and stream without any problem.

Gamers know that having a low-latency, high-quality connection ensures your button mashes register without lag and is vital for getting the best gameplay. The good news is, GVTC is ranked in the Top 10 nationwide best gaming ISPs for 2021, according to PCMag

  1. Upload speeds

Online gaming requires more than just receiving information: Every time you tell your game to punch an opponent, shoot a weapon, or any other command, your game has to send that information to the game servers. This is where upload speeds come into play.

Online gaming constantly sends information upstream, and the higher the upload speed, the better. Fiber Optic internet offers symmetrical download and upload speeds, which means your internet will upload information as fast as it can download it. That’s why fiber is the best choice for competitive gamers.

GVTC Fiber Internet gives you the power to play on your terms. With faster download AND upload speeds on our top-rated Fiber network, you have access to the fastest connection available. You can choose your pick of 500 Mbps or 1 Gbps downloads, giving you the lowest latency in the market.

  1. Hard-Line Internet Connection

If you want the best connection for your online gaming competitions, playing on a wired Ethernet connection is the best choice. The reliability of a physical Ethernet connection outweighs those of WiFi. So if you’re a gamer and serious about reducing your lag, a wired Ethernet connection is a MUST!

If you regularly play online games over a WiFi connection, you may improve your experience by connecting the console or PC directly to the modem. If you only periodically use online features in games, then a wireless connection should work great for you. When downloading large game files, switch to a wired connection to prevent interruptions.

Want to learn more? Watch LFG Gaming Cafe's Sam Elizondo speak to GVTC's Network Operations Supervisor Chris Cooley about how GVTC's Fiber Network helps gamers stay connected when it matters most. Click here to view.

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